Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dan and Sam’s Non Stop Red Rock Adventure

3/11 Thursday
4pm Sam and Dan meet up in Grand Forks to unpack and repack the PLC
6pm Dan, Andy, Sam and Chase headed to downtown Grand Forks to accept the Event Coordinator of the Year award presented by the Grand Forks Center for visitors bureau 
10pm head to South Dakota to do some high steel rigging for a concert
3/12 Friday
2am Arrive in South Dakota
6am Wake up to go set up for concert
1pm finish set up and go do acrobatics in pool
7pm Go work the concert and then take it down 
11:45pm Finish South Dakota show and head straight to ND (Sam has only had a 50 min nap)
3/13 Saturday
4:30am Arrive in ND to set up Bon Jovi show, Sam drove the whole way Dan slept 2 hours
1pm Finish set up for Bon Jovi then sneak into a room for a 3 hr nap
7pm Work Bon Jovi show and then take it down
3/14 Sunday
2am Finish Bon Jovi show, Sam takes of in the PLC car heading to Denver, Dan heads back to GF to sleep
11am Dan drives back to Minneapolis to babysit his niece
3/15 Monday
8am Dan has a job interview at a community college in Minneapolis ( Dan Gets Job)
11:30am Dan gets on a Plane to Denver
1pm Sam picks Dan up at the airport and we drive to Aspen
6:45pm Arrive in Aspen
7-9pm Teach slackline clinic At the Red Brick in Aspen
9:20pm Head to Vegas baby…
3/16 Tuesday
12:30am Find a pull over and go to sleep
10am Keep driving to Vegas. We got heaps of work done while driving…Wrote contract, placed orders, organized email, ect
4pm Time to be active, go for a 1hr run, 10 min warm up dan stopes to do 10 pushups then sprints to catch Sam sam stops to do 10 pushups then sprints to catch Dan repete 10 times. and 10 min warm down with 10 pull ups.
 Go to bank, fix chip in window in PLC new Face ( PLC is all better now)
8pm Arrive in Vegas and head out to the hot springs Hike 3 miles to amazing hot springs, end up in the CO river looking out at the Hoover Dam bridge, Naked.  Do Handstands (naked) on the edge of 105 degree natural pools with hot waterfalls flowing
3/17 Wednesday
1am Time to hit the strip!!!!!! Sam losses always, Dan wins on 15 black, wins 20 dollars off of one pull on Monopoly slots, wins 10 dollars on Playboy slots and wins 20 on black jack.  
9am we get our 100 free slots at Hooters and loss it all in 3 minutes, replace sparkplugs
10am finally go to sleep in PLC in the parking lot outside of the MGM
2pm wake up from the heat then grocery store and coffee shops
11pm watch movie in PLC Sam Discovers that a pillow on the steering wheel turns the drivers side of the PLC in to his livingroom
3/18 Thursday
2am woke up by security guard tells us he will let us stay until 6am
6am we need to move parking lots good thing we found some shade
10am We make breakfast in the parking lot and go to coffee shop
                Meet Jessica and are offered a place to shower
4pm Head to Mt Charles to do some climbing and see a waterfall
                There is 3 feet of snow, so we head up in flip flops, shorts and shirtless, set up a line over the snow, and get chased out by a storm
8pm Get to Jessica’s for a shower and some R&R
3/19 Friday
8am Wake up and head to coffee shop to get work done before our clinics at the Red Rocks rendezvous
1pm head to Red Rock Rendezvous to check out slackline set up possibilities…
3pm find out the gibbon set up will not work for our lines..we needed more slack in our system L
4pm head to Home Depot to make A frames to hold up the lines…I swear this feels familiar see last years blog
7pm Get introduced at the festival announce we will be available to teach 7am yoga thankfully no one showed up.
10pm Test new set up and thank God it worked
11:30pm Decide we need to run into town to get something…we are trying to look a bit more organized so we were going to paint the A frames so we bought some green spry paint… but alas we did not have time to paint them
3/20 Saturday
1:00am fall asleep
5:30am Wake up and head to the festival to set up our lines
7am teach yoga class
8am-4pm teach three 2 hour slackline clinics (Dan forgets sunscreen, bad idea)
4-11pm hang out at RRRendezvous
11:30pm fall asleep
3/21 Sunday
6am walk up
7am set up our lines
8am-4pm teach three more 2 hour slackline clinics (the sun is still hot!!!)
6pm Athlete meal and say goodbye to Red Rocks
8pm go to hotel and shower
10pm Heading back to Aspen
3/22 Monday
6am pull off the road to sleep
11am get back on the road to Aspen
4:45pm Arrive in aspen
5-9pm teach slackro workshop Check out pics here 
10pm End to Denver airport
3/23 Tuesday
6am Dan flys back to MN Sam finally gets to sleep
Dan gets to MN and has to teach from noon until 9pm

Bonus Beth Roden uses our line as a chair :)



  2. WOW. This is the first article I’ve read since finding this site…and what an article!!! I’m hooked.


  3. Nice recap - It was fantastic to meet you guys and learn some of your techniques, quite an inspiration for our Vegas (baby) blossoming slacklining group! You now have a new Vegas connection! ~happy trails!


  4. LOVE the tightrope in the snow picture... found this blog completely randomly on a google search of something completely different. Applause from a new fan in the San Francisco area