Monday, April 12, 2010

YogaSlackers win Desert Winds AR

It was another great race in Lake Mead Nevada. Since it was mostly teams that were newer to the sport, the race director asked our team and the other pro team (Feed the Machine) to start 30 minutes behind everyone else.

That meant we could have slept in for another half an hour!!!

We all agreed, and had a great time playing catch-up.
The race ran through amazing canyons, with lots of dry waterfalls. We were descending the canyon at this point and many teams struggled to find ways around the significant drops. Daniel and I took to climbing down most of them. Chelsey surprised us most of the time by just hucking herself off - sometimes taking leaps twice her height.

The paddle was really challenging, as the wind picked up and the lake turned rough. We thought we'd be so fast that we wouldn't need or sprayskirts - but this was a big mistake. We struggle the whole time to steer - as our sleek racing boat turned into a large three person bathtub. In the end, it was a real fight not to capsize - and it turns out that several teams did!

We ended in 1st, just over an hour ahead of Feed the Machine. Our season is off to a great start!

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