This is presented as a resource tool for those that have  or plan to attend Advanced Acro Immersions with Jason and Chelsey.  Practice with the intent for growth in communication, trust, and confidence.  Success in this practice is not measured by physical skill, but in the ability to have fun, stay safe, and explore the unlimited potential of the human spirit.

Names of poses and sequences are somewhat localized and we apologize if this causes confusion if similar or identical flows/poses exist elsewhere with different nomenclature.

Vive La Revolution
Our first full east coast workshop was taught at Frog Lotus Yoga, over the Fourth of July Weekend 2011.  We included elements from earlier flows, but also taught new material, some of which had been developed just the week before in jam sessions at Wanderlust.  The hardwood floors kept us from teaching a few of the popping elements we'd planned, but the resulting flow was quite exciting and manageable for most of the experienced acroyogis in the group.  We offered some variations for some of the transitions.  Long Live Revolution in all its forms!!!

Viva Video

Vive La Revolution (the video version has a bit more flare and the new one leg to one leg transition)

  • bird
  • climb to reverse star
  • drop over to High Flying Whale
  • pop to throne
  • pop (half twist) to FTH
  • reverse shin to foot
  • Camel on shins (optional)
  • reverse mayurasana (base in shoulderstand optional)
  • back plank to Montreal Navasana
  • back fly 
  • reverse floating camel
  • reverse bow on feet
  • reverse bird
  • rotate to reverse star
  • Mayurasana on foot
  • reverse mermaid
  • reverse thinker
  • reverse asym
  • tip toe FTH
  • Transition FTF
  • folded leaf drop
  • Pequod counterbalance
  • back plank on hands
  • bed
  • star
  • Star variations or HTH
  • no-hands to low FTH
  • reverse secretary
  • press up to high FTH
  • Flag roll-up

The Expedition Experience
This flow is our hardest yet.  Taught in Tucson from March 4-6,2011 - the Expedition Experience was inspired by our time in the Patagonian Expedition race, and  by the teamwork, endurance, and the idea of exploring unknown territory that few have ever visited before.  The flow had the framework of  "stages" similar to what one might encounter in a huge race, with the idea being to look at each individual "stage" and not getting overwhelmed by the daunting task of the entire flow.  New elements included: Pop-goes-the-Weasel, Strong woman star, Asym star stall, torturing the peacock, flag roll-up, as well as revisiting the favorites - Fireball, mothra, Coindrop (london spin) and a slow version of Popcorn.  I honestly think it would be easier to link together all our previous flows....

Full Video- click here  Enjoy!!
Coin Drop progressions 
Maha Catherine's wheel progressions
Torturing the Peacock progressions

I.  Introduction (the prologue)
  • Dropback mount
  • Floating Uhrdva
  • standard SSOT dismount
II. Sprint start
  • Catherine’s Wheel walkover mount
  • Catherine’s wheel (1-2 times)
  • Floating Dhanurasana
III. Difficult transition area
  • rotation to one-legged Dhanurasana
  • press to bed paschi
  • rotation to reverse star
IV.  Teammate Trust test
  • Maha catherine’s wheel
V. Starry night in the Valley of the Peacocks (big leg)
  • reverse star
  • one-legged reverse star
  • one-legged mayurasana
  • one armed mayurasana
  • Acro-vasistasana
  • Vasistasana variation (one leg bow)
  • Asym star
  • Asym star switch
  • Asym star free
  • Asym star drop to reverse one-legged mayurasana
  • side star
  • Side star rotation stall (rest for the weary!)
VI.  The Downward Spiral
  • Coindrop/london spin/ easy london spin (2)
  • Pop goes the Weasel (2.5)
  • Weasel Pop!
  • Strong man/woman star
  • twist to throne
  • pop to high FTH
  • drop to reverse bird
  • pop to star
VII.  SleepMonsters
  • Low HTH/Low Scorpion HTH
  • Baby scorpion roll
  • Mothra
VIII.  The need for Sustenance

  • Slow Popcorn
  • Fireballs (the candy kind!)
  • Fireball HTH stall to straddlebat
IX.  Meditation will get you through (Big leg #2)
  • barrel roll/prasarita twist Lotus transition
  • inverted lotus balance Uhdrva Padmasana
  • lotus barrel roll to side star
  • transition to lotus HFW
  • lotus knee balance
  • lotus throne
  • lotus pop to bird
  • corkscrew to lotus star
  • kukutasana
  • uhrdva padmasana star
X. Follow your feet to the Flag
  • Low FTH
  • press to High FTH
  • Log roll (optional)
  • Shin step transition
  • One foot FTH
  • Flag roll up
  • Full flying Flag

Espresso Flow 
This flow was taught in Oakland, CA on Dec 3-5, 2010.  The Mothra (aka baby scorpion roll) and the Slacker mount was debuted here.  The flag pirouette and dancer flag was reintroduced to the SFO crew. There are bits of flair that go with the show, if you want to know, you will have to ask someone who was there!  Enjoy!
Full sequence - click here-   more professional one coming soon!!

Slacker Mount
to shins
step to standing on shins
pop to bird
Maha Mobius (this is essentially AcroYoga's catherines wheel, to low foot to hand to reverse star to high foot to hand- to bird and start over)
end in bird
coin drop x2
melting candle stick
prasarita stall
Mothra (aka baby scorpion)
popcorn (pop from tittibasana to star to back fly)
back fly
low foot to hand
reverse bird
pop to star
low hand to hand
straddle bat
barrel roll pop to foot to foot
pop to folded leaf
free shoulderstand
roll up to thigh stand
dancer flag  (flair**)
flag pirouette
flag step to two high
high back plank

The Russian
This two person flow has been taught by us multiple times, but was first officially debuted in Tucson last year. We re-introduced it at this years (2010) first AcroYoga Festival in Oakland, CA.  After many requests to film and post it on our site- here you go!  Performed by Ivan and Ivana
Here is the complete flow on video

thigh stand
capital T counter balance
two headed soldier
Russian dance
plange counterbalance
(lower case) t counterbalance
cross or lotus cross

Vimarshan Jakrali Sthira
(Taught Oct 1-3 2010 in Tucson, AZ)
"A critical test of strength and stillness" - this was the main flow taught in our 5th advanced workshop.
Here is the complete flow in a video

two scoops
straddle bat
barrel roll pop to foot to foot
pop to folded leaf
pequod boat counter-balance
back plank on hands
bed on feet
Dharma Mittra star stall
cosmo bird down to bird
coin drop or london spin X2
melting candlestick
prasaritta balance
barrel roll pop to side star
climb up to reverse star
one legged reverse star (one hand)
wounded peacock (one legged mayurasana)
reverse secretary X2
star ball stall
ball balance on hands
straddle bat
pop to star
montreal top to reverse star
maha catherines wheel X2
low foot to hand
rocket man
hand bird
dutch tricks (plank stall, free free shoulderstand, throne)
laffy taffy (no hands throne spin)
cooking the mermaid
rotisserie X2
hand to hand
reverse bird
pop to star
hand to hand
back bird
two scoops

 The mile high flow (aka dance of the Hell Lovers)
(taught Sept 17-19, 2010 in Denver, Colorado)
This was our first full Advanced weekend outside of Tucson, and we were blessed to have some amazing students, including AcroYoga teachers Francisco, Yuki, and Nicole.  It was a great group and the debut of AcroGames, which proved to be a hit.  The final flow was was performed amidst the backfires and engine growls of the Harley's right outside - the studio space shared it's walls with the infamous private club - "Hell's Lovers."
Video coming soon!

Peter Pan mount (roll down to reverse shoulder stand)
straddle bat
Peg leg floating paschi (one leg paschi)
back plank
jackknife sequence (hinge to paschi, to free reverse shoulderstand, to back drop over, throw to reverse throne, titibasana, star)
Star stall (various)
down to Asym
Asym twist to throne
pop to bird
Real shoulderstand (bootie grab)
back to bird
free shoulderstand
reverse star (optional one leg star stall)
reverse star drop over
pop to throne
throne spin (through foot to hand)
thinker washing machine
thinker to bird
cosmo bird to star (aka corkscrew)
hand to hand (or head to foot)
fireball washing machine (optional)
titanic roll up
paschi thighstand counterbalance

Nada Aneka Astra - the flow of many weapons (taught May 15-17, 2010)
This practice and performance was largely developed over a course of happy accidents during free form Acro play.  With new washing machines "the bomb", "fire-ball", and "boomerang*" the weapon theme was clear.  Furthermore - the extensive arsenal of skill and tricks required by base and flyer to complete the flow reinforced our choice of names. ( * = developed by
Nada Aneka Astra video
Fast version teaser

YogaSlackers Presents: Nadi Aneka Astra
"the flow of many weapons"

Navasana Counterbalance
Jedi Square
Reverse levitation
foot to hand
turn to throne

1 1/2 Capt Ahab WM
high flying whale 
reverse tic toc
reverse star 
one legged star

pile driver
muff dive x2 WM
pop to folded leaf
pequod counterbalance

folded leaf
pop to foot to foot
pop to bird
one armed mayurasana
folded leaf

prasarrita twist to lotus
lotus free balance
lotus fish
jack knife

free pashi
free reverse shoulderstand
throw up to reverse throne 
pop to star
free balance stag star

4 step x2 WM
fire ball WM
free balance straddle bat
the bomb x2 WM
squirrel roll to star
boomerang x2 WM
Hand to hand 
to reverse bird 
transition to hands
wheel counterbalance
reverse thigh stand
handstand on thighs
rewind to star
tic-toc out
base collapses!

The Dribusch Troika  (taught May 15-17 2010)
This flow was SO much fun to develop.  It started off with the simple idea of doing the STS (supported throne stacks), as well as the Russian "true headstand", and through play we were able to link them together.  The two person hollow body counter-levers were almost glossed over as transitions, but Christoph insisted (he was the base) on trying to balance them.  The superman one is my favorite.  
Sam, Jason and Chelsey perform the Troika with some extra flair;) 

(STS = Supported throne stack)
Low STS with shoulderstand on thighs
press to high STS
Flyer arch to "figure 8 window"
pike to foot sandwich
hop to STS thighstand
STS flag
KamaSutra drop
Double back plank
Handstand back dismount (flyer) 
Middle pop to bird
handstand walkover mount (flyer)
superman counter balance lever
fish sandwich
folded leaf (middle) free shoulderstand (flyer)
press to reverse star (flyer)
Vinyasa on bases (flyer)
jazz hands
neck stand vasistasana
Russian "true headstand"
The end!

The Abu Dhabi Dreams (taught January 2010)
The desert of Abu Dhabi and the hardships of competing in the 6-days of the Abu Dhabi adventure challenge led to hallucinations.  During the 70 mile trek and run across the continuous dunes of the "empty quarter", Jason dreamed of lots of crazy acro sequences.  Many of them proved impossible, some led to really interesting challenges.  Camels and spiders abound....
other Abu Dhabi vids:
Abu Dhabi Flow 

Childs Pose
Camel on  humble hero
Reborn hero
Free Shoulderstand
Reverse star

Drop over
High flying whale
Floating camel

Muff dive x 1.5
Pop to shins
Shin splits
Camel spider
Free scorpion
Low shins
Floating child
Camel on shins
Pop to bird

Folded leaf
Prasaritta freebalance
Helicopter x2
Popping barrel row
Cork screw
Reverse muff dive
Two scoops

TattvaDarzin Naatya - dance of the truth seer (taught October 2009)
AcroYoga has a way of bringing truth into the light.  For Chelsey and I, this dance brought us up against our edges of practice and communication.  What more could we ask for?  
other Tattvadarzin videos:
TattvaDarzin Naatya - dance of the truth seeker
  • Drop back mount
  • Shoulderstand counter balance - flyer keeps hips  and heart lifted
  • Frog Jump on bases thighs - bases hands goes to inside of flyers forearms
  • thigh stand 
  • dropback Counter balance 
  • Frog Sit 
  • Peacock (mayurasana)
  • bird
  • bird
  • side star
  • camel (ushtrasana)
  • cross
  • Big Toe V (Ubhaya padangusthasana) balance 
  • lotus (lotus is optional, can do this with legs free)
  • lotus side fly
  • lotus bird 
  • lotus shoulderstand
  • shoulder stand 
  • shoulderstand
  • shins
  • yoga mudra childs pose (balasana)
  • hand star or shoulderstand with badakonasana legs (feet touching, knees wide
  • corkscrew to star
  • star
  • spider roll (x2) (popping spider roll is optional)
  • straddle bat
  • barrel roll pop
  • bird - bow- bird
  • bird
  • shoulderstand sarvangasana  (flyers hands are behind back, elbows squeezing in)
  • koala
  • cosmo bird washing machine
  • star
  • free star
  • foot to hand-  optional- base goes into plow
  • reverse bird
  • squirrel roll 
  • star
  • star
  • scorpion star
  • foot to head
  • supta star pashi
  • tuck sit
  • titanic thighstand
  • uttanasana counter balance
  • slow rewind
  • up to star

Moby Dick and Captain Ahab flow (taught 2009)
This was our first "advanced" workshop, and much of the original notes on the development are lost.   We had no idea that this format would prove to be so infectious for us and others.  It all started with the "thinker" pose turning into a washing machine.  Here is the video shot which is not specifically the Moby Dick in the original, but heavily influenced by that.....

Video filmed in Ben and Jerry's for free IceCream!!!