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Sam and Dan's 8000 miles of fun(June 12-Aug 12)
375 mi  San Diego to Mesa, AZ...............(June 13th)..............Acro, Slack and Int Acro
970 mi  Mesa to Austin, TX......................(June 15th)..............Slackro Class (Canceled)
2000mi Austin to Bondville, VT................(June 19th-26th)......Wanderlust East Coast
75 mi    Bondville to Lenox, MA...............(June 26th-July1).....Kripalu Adventure Camp
480 mi  Lenox to Pittsburgh, PA...............(July 6th)..................Slack & Acro
185 mi  Pittsburgh to Columbus,OH..........(July 7th)
535 mi  Columbus to Iowa City, IA...........(July9th-10th)
308 mi  Iowa City to Kansas City, MO......(July 12th)
885 mi  Kansas City to Telluride, CO.........(July 14th-17th).......Telluride Yoga Festival
920 mi  Telluride to Squaw Valley, CA......(July 21st-Aug1)......Wanderlust West Coast
656 mi  Squaw Valley to Salt Lake City.....(Aug 2nd-9th)
420 mi Salt Lake City to Las Vegas..........(Aug 10th-11th)

Sam Salwei of Team YogaSlackers and Adelaide of the Shimmy Sisters are taking to the open road this summer.
We will be traveling over 5200 miles stopping in at least 12 cities during our 31 day tour of the western United States. (click to RSVP in Facebook)
Tour Stops
San Diego - June 5th
El Paso - June 12&13
Santa Fe - June 19
Pueblo, CO - June 20
Colorado Springs - June 21
Denver - June 22&23
Boulder - June 22&23
Ogden, UT - June 24
Seattle - June 27&28
Portland - June 29
Eugene - July 1
Nevada City July 3&4
South Lake Tahoe - July 5
Salt Lake City - July 6
Telluride July 8
San Diego July 14

Adelaide’s Bio,
As much as Adelaide expresses her artistic enthusiasm through many diverse forms, she has come to see all of her creative endeavors as one. She acknowledges the power of inspiration as the focal point of her art.  Whether conveyed live through her performance pieces or captured timelessly in her paintings, Adelaide is expressing a self that is unbound. Her art is her lifestyle, her career, and her most prized creation.  Her website 

Sam's Bio,
"Push your limits, consciously. Focus on the step in front of you, learn how to break through your internal barriers” Sam Salwei is a teacher, one who will help you teach yourself.  He works with his inspirations, passions and limits to create a conscious lifestyle to share with others.  His goal: to help others break through emotional and personal barriers.  Irrational fear is what holds us back and lack of trust limits us.  Sam strives to help others realize that what appears too difficult is attainable. The Actual step you will take yourself.see

Workshop Descriptions 

Fundamentals of Hooping
The circular nature of the hoop provides endless possibilities. Allow Adelaide to get you started with a few tricks will get your wheels spinning and your hoops whirling.  Adelaide will teach a combination of both on and off the body hoop manipulation, and introduce playing with the hoop different hoop on different  planes and angles. This is a mixed level workshop geared towards beginners. All ages welcome! If you have a hoop bring it, otherwise Adelaide will have some to share, and some for purchase to take home and practice. Caution: very addicting
Fundamentals of Slacklining 
Offer a unique practice that redefines your sense of balance and mental focus. Great for yogis, climbers, and athletes of all forms, slackline yoga teaches complete body awareness and is an excellent cross training tool. Slackline workshops include the basics of the "slackasana series", including sitting, kneeling, arm balancing,  standing and walking on the line. Taught By Sam Salwei, co founder of yoga slackers, this workshop will surely push you to your limits, where you can find even more possibilities.

Dynamic Duo Acrobatics

The dynamics of working with another person acrobatically can be like learning to walk again. Instead this time you'll be Flying! Sam and Adelaide are bringing to you a way to sync up harmoniously and connect through counter balances, partner yoga, and breath. Like the yin yang symbol, acrobatic partner movements can leave you unclear on where one thing begins and the other ends. After looking at the world upside down you may not even know up from down. But then again, it's all relative ;) Sam and Adelaide will teach techniques in ways to find balance in positions you may have never thought you'd find yourself in. No partner or experience necessary, though yoga practice helpful.  

Belly Dance - A FULL body experience
Adelaide's Belly Dance workshops  are always a fun way to challenge your coordination while getting in shape.  As a second generation Belly Dancer and full time professional Adelaide is an expert in this field. This workshop is great for first time belly dancers, but does not exclude those with experience as she can add complexity if need be and satisfy students at all levels.  The workshop will go over Belly Dance fundamentals, body isolations, harmonized arm movements, and shimmies.

Inner discovery through Outer Movement
This workshop taught by Adelaide concentrates on combining Belly Dance with the practice of inner discovery. It focuses on awakening the coiled snake that lies at the base of our spine often referred to as “Kundalini". The image of coiling, like a spring, conveys the sense of untapped potential energy. Adelaide teaches sleek, serpent-like movements that allow Kundalini energy to rise up the spine and through the chakra system. The workshop includes a mixture of spoken knowledge, visualizations, and movement aimed to stimulate your dancing with new insights and creativity. With these intentions in motion, you can work through the inner and outer obstacles to living your highest potential.

Hoop Belly- Expressive Movement
Adelaide links the sensual connection between graceful movement and hoop manipulation. Drawing from her lifelong relationship to Belly Dance, Adelaide shares specific moves that make hooping easier, as well as hoop tricks that will be both challenging and inspiring. The hoop brings awareness to parts of the body that may normally get neglected, and thus will enhance your ability to dance full of poise and sensuality. Enjoy a taste of a unique fusion of expressive arts through this mixed level workshop. If you have a hoop bring it, otherwise Adelaide has extras and will have some for sale for you to take home and practice. 

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