Thursday, March 26, 2009

Madness at the Rendevous!!!

Sam's short and sweet report of the last week at Red Rocks Rendevous....
Started with a 3am wake up call after 3 days on the road. 3 mile run, 8 pitches of "unimpeachable groping 5.10" and epic rap through 6 parties on the same route, 5 people hanging 600ft in the air off 2 bolts. Then a 3 mile run back to the car to find out we were 40min early for the mandatory meeting.

2 hours later Chelsey and the Rest of the YS crew were first on stage to represent, soon we were doing acro yoga on stage for the group Athlete picture.

During the meeting we found out that trees were not an option for setting up the lines for our clinic so at 8pm it was off to Lowes to see what we could improvise. bending a saw horse on the first theory we decided to construct our own anchor. A 2x6 cross 3ft high. the 20ft boards were on sale so we found ourselves sawing 3'3" chunks of board using the shopping cart corral as our saw horses.

10:30pm we have been awake for 19+ hours and we are sitting in the taco bell parking lot finishing our first meal of the day and waiting for the drill to charge so we could build our first ever prototype anchor.

It worked we tested out the anchor in the taco bell parking lot. Were in bed at 1am with the alarm set for 5am.

By 7am we had fabricated 6 anchors pounded 6 20 inch steaks into the ground creating 3 working slacklines.

We taught over 75 people the basics of slacking, including 25 in rain, snow, hail and 40mph winds.

We finished up the weekend by climbing all day Monday at moderate mecca, then driving 500miles to start the next adventure.

Chelsey here following up: Sam is now in Grass Valley getting the Peace Car all fixed up, the last we heard the transplant was going smoothly and he should be here in time for our 8 hour adventure race on Saturday. In the mean time, Jason and I are running around trying to pack everything that we will need for the next 6 months... from packrafts- to climbing gear- to handstand blocks.... whoo!!

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