Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who wants raw liver in their smoothie - I Do! I Do?

Ahh - the joy of trying to stay healthy.  Our amazing bodyworker Charlie has been trying to get me and Chelsey (and probably most of the other slackers too if he worked on em) to eat some liver - to help with ligaments, tendons, and adrenal overstimulation.  We push our bodys pretty hard.  So Chels tried the liver, and couldn't eat it, no matter how it was cooked.  Then a Scottish Ashtangi hardwoman named Rachel Gordon told us her secret - raw liver smoothies.....

Today was the beginning of a long and beautiful reconnection with liver....


  1. You guys absolutely rock and I've been inspired by your adventures but here is where we must part ways! Yeeacchh! ;)

  2. Yeah - we'll see how well it works. To be honest, if Chelsey had not done it first, I am not sure I would have ever tried it. I am still burping up liver aftertaste.

  3. That was very brave Jason :)! Think I'm the only person i know who actually likes liver--(not raw, though, and must be cooked w/ onions)...