Friday, August 26, 2011

Come Race BaBAR in Bend- Our first 6 and 24 hour Adventure Race!!

Yep- that is correct- Jason and I are teaming up with Glenn of Desert Dash to bring you BaBAR - the Best Around Bend Adventure Race!!

It takes place on the 1st of October, right here in our new home town! Come experience caving in lava tubes, running/trekking through the junipers, mountainbiking amazing single track and rafting down the Deschutes River! If you are doing the 24 hour race- you will get all of this plus amazing views of all the peaks around and amazing sea-kayking leg!!

Wether you have done 100's of AR races, or if this is your first ever... you will NOT be disappointed! Please check out the site:

Here is the most recent update:

Babar racer Update:

The snow is finally melting from high on the course, and we are looking forward to being able to test out the few missing pieces of the 24-hour race that we have not linked. Below is a basic overview of each course, as well as a bunch of answers to several of the questions we have received from interested racers.

6-hour “Sprint course”: This course is designed for beginner/intermediate racers. The expected finish time is between 5-6 hours with a cut-off at 8 hours. Below is the approximate breakdown of disciplines, and notes on each:

Trekking/Trail running: 5-8 miles total. Mostly trail.

Caving: just a little!

Paddling/Swimming: 2-3 miles whitewater/flatwater (up to class III). Any type of inflateable is suitable for this section. Racers will be able to portage the class III section if desired. Wetsuits/body armor is optional. Inflatable kayak rentals are available at:
These boats are great for whitewater, and the rental is $30 – which includes helmet, PFD, paddle and pump! Call soon to make a reservation if you need it. 800-788-7238
Any other Packraft or tube or bodyboard is allowed, but remember that if you pop your boat you end up swimming down class III!

Mountain biking: 25 miles, mix of singletrack, fireroad, and some pavement. Bike rentals are available all over Bend, ranging from $25 (for decent front suspension bikes) to $45 (full suspension) to $60 (for high end FS). Three that we recommend are:

Some navigation is required, although much of the travel is on existing trails, forest service roads, etc – but basic map and compass skills will be required to decipher the best way to go.

Water: Water will not be available on the course (although there are lots of places to get it). Racers should plan on carrying enough water for 6 hours.

Fri: 6-8 PM early check in
Sat: 6-8 AM late check in and bike and packraft staging open
Sat: 9 AM: pre-race meeting and maps
Sat: 9:45 AM START
Sat: 3 PM first finisher expected
Sat 5:45 final cutoff

24 – hour race: A bit more hardcore aimed at experienced racers or those with a penchant for suffering. Expected finish times of 20 – 30 hours.

The above info for raft and bike rental applies to the 24 hour course as well. Included in the 24 hour race registration is the use of double kayaks for the longer flatwater/river section that is not part of the 6 hour race. Below are rough estimates of distances covered.

Trekking: 15 - 25 miles
Whitewater: 2-3 miles
Flatwater/non-rapid river: 20 miles
Mt biking: 75-90 miles
caving: just a little

The 24 hour racers will have one remote transition area that they will visit twice. Each team will be allowed one transition bag which wil be moved to the TA from the start. Teams will visit this bag twice and be able to resupply on food, clothing, etc. Bags are limited to large duffels, approx 40 gallons or less. Teams wishing to bring their own paddles may have paddles sticking out of the bag.

Water will be available on the course at the remote TA location. There are many other sources of water along the course, but the TA is the only location it will be provided by the race staff.

Schedule: 24 hour race

Fri: 6-8 PM Racer Check in

Sat: 5:30 – 6 AM late check in
6 – 7 bike and packraft staging open (off Conklin Road in Bend)
7:45 pre-race meeting and maps hand out (Sun River Resort)
8:45 race start
Sun: 8 AM – first finishers expected
12 noon: awards
2 PM final cutoff

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