Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another 2 months of Slacking....

Chelsey satisfying her longline obsession in Vermont
Ok - an admission here.  It is mostly my (Jason's) job to keep something exciting going up here once a week or so.  And we certainly have something blogworthy at least every day in the YogaSlackers family (heck there are 30 of us now!), so why has is been 2 months?!?  Crazy huh.

We've been redesigning the website, walking sickeningly long slack lines, growing the mini business, racing on the international stage, performing emergency (and frequent) surgery on the Peace Love Car, and just generally spreading the Slacker love as far afield as we can....

Chelsey and I have both aged a year, Dan and Sam survived a long teaching road trip together, and Prana still keeps us from having to run around naked.

But rather than go back and tell all the stories, I'll just post a few media tidbits from the recent days, and remind you that we are much more exciting in person, and with all our plans for this fall you SHOULD be able to get out to play with us somewhere nearby....
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So here is a live interview from this morning, and a video of the recent race in Idaho (watch it in HD)....I promise to put some provocative pictures of the PLC up once she gets out of the hospital.!

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  1. Nice slackline! I have set it up over the lake before and it's a blast, except my one buddy hit his back on a log pretty good leaving him winded, all and all it was fun as hell! Check out my pictures Slackline Pictures (Must be a member to see the pics)