Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wanderlust Adventures

It has been a wild week to say the least. Somehow we all made it out to the east coast, to Statton Mt. Vermont for this year's Wanderlust Festival. Sam and Dan lost a transmission somewhere along the way in Texas, but the ingenious duo quickly started a "Save the Peace Love Car" campaign on Facebook and raised half the money needed for a new one.  Jason and Chelsey got married in a cave by the Beaver, and got literally stuck together for 54 hours as part of the Global Glue Project.

Convoluted as it was, all roads led to Wanderlust - a magical festival of amazing music, yoga, and play.  Much of our Slacker family and friends were able to come, as we were tasked with creating an Slacker/Acro playground in the middle of the Anusara Village.  

Slackline rigging wizards, Sam and Dan worked their magic in creating a unique system of ground anchors that blended in almost perfectly to the surrounding landscaping, and even managed to set a waterline across the pond in front of the Krishna Cafe.  

Not even the torrential rain that came and stayed for three days could dampen things.  We took it all in stride, playing in the rain, conditioning in the mud, and taking full advantage of the slip-and-slide that John Friend himself suggested be set up.

We figured out a way to stay warm by using our trusty HydroFlask bottle to jam open the gate leading to the swanky hot tub.  

The rain let up for good just as Michael Franti took the stage and played an amazing and uplifting concert.  Shortly after the musical vibrations had ended, Chels was inventing new yoga asana as she twisted and arm-balanced her way to a hard fought second place in the Yoga Twister contest.  We finished the final night with a desert an bodywork party at a huge condo that had been accommodated with 5 Bio-mats!   Can't wait till next year!

And just for the record - 9 of us made it across the water line:  Chelsey, Adi, Jason, Sam, Dan, Erica, Zach, Garret (of Barefoot Truth), and Brenden.  AcroYogi's Jacob and Matt were pretty close so we'll be looking out for them next time!  

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  1. Correction to the record: 10 slackers made across the water line. I got it on each of my final 3 tries, Sunday afternoon :-P