Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Will pose for firewood...

Winter is coming....

Chels shows off the woodcutting permit...she dressed to match!
The epitome of lumberjacks...

This fine Labor Day afternoon the smell of, well, labor was in the air...good old fashioned red-neck manual labor. It seemed a perfect chance to bust out our chainsaw, pull on the jeans, slip the old Toyota into 4-wheel drive, and head up into the forest and cut some firewood.

Chels (wo)mans the chainsaw
Some might thing that we only use our fancy ultralight, high-tech expedition gear when we are on a crazy race or adventure in parts unknown, but NO! - we use it to get down and dirty in the "front country" too.

The kit is simple.  Prana Jeans (toughness you can move in), Ibex top (comfort, temperature regulation, and no stink), Specialized (biking/chainsaw gloves), Inov-8 (400gram leather goretex boots, lightest in the world!), Wigwam (anti blister socks), Mountain Hardwear (Chelsey's ice climbing gloves that have supreme dexterity and durability), Numa Sunglasses (ballistics grade eye and sun protection), Hydroflask (keeps our java hot and our coconut water cold), Java Juice (well the Java), and CocoHydro (the coconut water)....

prAna jeans, Ibex top, and Jason's Tricep
Just take a look at these amazing photos and you'll clearly see just how versatile our gear (and we) are. These are all realistic action shots, straight from the, well, action. In the end, we stacked nearly 1/2 cord of wood, and survived temperatures that nearly reached a scorching 90 degrees. If you are serious about looking good while you get serious work done, then I suggest you get on board and get your gear sorted out!

Who says bike gloves are only for bikes...?

Inov-8 shoes and Suunto watch help Dan bushwhack though the worksite...
Chels makes a cut while Jason braces the wood.  He should really put on his protective Numa  sunglasses!

GearJunkie Daniel hard at work
Chels is always ready with her Wenger "Mike Horn" knife
Hydration is SO important after such hard work...

prAnaHydroflaskInov-8CocoHydroSpecializedWigwamMountain HardwearIbexNumaJava Juice and more....


  1. I encourage more chainsaw use in cuttoff pink daisy dukes... and nothing like wrecking a 90 dollar wool shirt by heaving down wood. c'mon.

  2. big pimpin'. and the male modeling skills come back out to play. chels--you're smokin'!!!!!!

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