Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Starting ‘em young…

I was inspired by Slacker Dan (see previous post) and his recent quest to find a regular AcroYoga partner.  I’d never really had the same challenge in the realm of acrobatics, as my partnership with Chelsey just sort of happened, and when I fell for her she made it quite clear that she would be my partner – and she was willing to train for it.  And it has turned out fantastic. 
But when it comes to adventure racing, I do know Dan’s pain.  While we have an amazing group of serious expedition athletes, we are also all pretty nomadic, and sometimes getting qualified “slackers” together is a challenge.  Our race schedule often becomes about trying to squeeze races in amidst other events, (as in this year’s Wanderlust) and often it is impossible for us to field a four person team.  We’ve had great luck this year in getting to race/train/expedition with Sam, Daniel, Stephen (of GearJunkie fame), and even my twin Andy.  But as we race more we wonder how long our luck will hold out.  So as the epic Patagonian Expedition Race  looms, and the 2011 schedule begins to be filled in, I’ve take matters into my own hands. 
Introducing  Team YogaSlacker’s new adventure man.  We call him “the Mateo Machine”.
He’s a strong and light and when he gets tired (if he ever gets tired) we can fit him in Daniel’s pack.  Even better, we figure our team food costs will go down considerably, and for international races, we’ll also save on luggage (his bike can fit in a regular suitcase with the wheels on!)
It looks likes his weakest point so far may be his in-the-field bike mechanic ability.  During our recent team training he was unable to pump my flat tire up to the desired 40 lb PSI.  Not sure on the physics of the whole thing but it might have something to do with the fact that he only weighs in at about 35 lbs right now.
No worries though, with his penchant for sneaking Halloween candy, we’re pretty sure that he can put on the pounds before his next big race….

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