Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A little more Mateo - the future of YogaSlackers Racing Team

Mateo choosing race shoes
Ok, I have a confession to make.  Mateo the Machine was supposed to be our secret weapon, but I let it slip.  I hope that other teams don't start recruiting similar youngsters, but I am afraid that it is already happening. After our initial post it seems that Mateo's family was contacted by a few of the top teams in the US, asking if he had an exclusive contract with the YogaSlackers.  Well, I am relieved to report that while we have nothing yet in writing, we have a verbal confirmation.
Looking over the food options

Mateo's parents have assured us that while some of the offers have been quite attractive, they are leaving the decision up to Mateo, and he seems quite taken with several aspects of the YogaSlackers organization.  Particularly, Mateo is quite a fan of our shiny silver Inov-8 shoes, and seeing as those shoes are prototypes and the only ones in existence, he wants to stay with us.  Chelsey is excited to finally have someone on the team that has small feet like her.
"put all the sport jelly beans in there"
Mateo also has a sweet tooth, and very much approves of our team's heavy use of candy-like racing food such as Jelly Belly's Sport Beans, Honey Stinger's gooey Stroopwafels, and FRS's starburst like Fruit Chews.  
Furthermore, Mateo seems to appreciate our frequent breaks, which team members regularly use for play time or to catch a quick nap.  We are still negotiating over whether or not he'll be bringing his favorite dump truck and bulldozer toys with him during actual races.  We are not too concerned with the added weight (we'll just add them to Daniel's pack when no one is looking), but we do wonder if it might slow down our transitions if Mateo gets distracted  and wants to build dirt piles instead of getting his bike ready or refill his water bottles.  

Chelsey's understudy - Talula
We are also thrilled to announce that we have begun to train an understudy for Chelsey, just in case she is ever unable to race.  Mateo's beautiful but tough sister Talula has stepped up to fill the role.  She was actually a bit easier to secure that her brother.
"Talula, you get to wear this!!!"
Talula's main concern was the YogaSlacker's racing wardrobe.  While her parents and brother are all fans of technical wool of Ibex, and yogic comfort of Prana, Talula wanted something a bit more flashy.  A self-proclaimed princess, Talula was finally sold when Chelsey promised to loan her the magical race skirt.  It will be hard for Chelsey to let it go (she actually wore it in the Abu Dhabi race this past December), but it is worth it to keep this talented young beauty on retainer.  

Finally, we are not ones to rest on our laurels...

I am in final negotiations with my twin Andy (frequent YS team racer) to get his boy Keegan into the fold too.  Keegan already has the intimidation technique down, and is quite an experienced yogi as well.  

My only worry with all of this is that all this new talent may put me out of a job.  I just realized that I'm now the old guy on the team.  Oh boy....

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