Saturday, January 8, 2011

YogaSlackers Holiday in MN

Dan here, the one from Minnesota, the team has been on me to write a blog about what is happening up in MN so here it is!

Like everyone else who is involved with YogaSlackers I wear many different hats.  I am a slackliner, rock climber, acroyogi, uncle and the list goes on.  One unique hat I wear is I am also an economics professor.  I use most of my breaks from school to travel with the team and then do whatever I can to stay active when school is in session.  So needless to say after I gave my last exam this semester I jumped on a plane and headed out to CA to put my "YogaSlacker hat" on for a week of work and play.

In the mix of taking care of the business side of YogaSlackers, Sam and I found a bit of time to play.  We even spent an evening with some of the San Diego acro crew.  All of this acro fun made me think that maybe I need to start looking for a more serious acro partner in Minnesota.  When I got back to Minnesota the search was on...

The search actually started up in North Dakota.  I met up with Kathryn, an old friend from college, and we spent a morning coming up with a fun little flow:

But, like most North Dakotan's, Kathryn moved away after college and now lived in Atlanta.  Having a partner who is only in town twice a year isn't going to work.  Time to head back to Minneapolis and look in my own back yard.

When I returned home I was very hopeful.  I found someone that I could meet with once or twice a week, she was full of energy, excited to learn and took to it right away.  Once again we made a little flow:

Unfortunately Sam pointed out that acrobatics isn't quit as impressive when the flyer is your 3 year old niece.  I guess the search will have to continue...

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