Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tour De Teva part 1

“Sam I can’t base, I strained my hamstring last week climbing.”

“I can’t base, I was bitten by a copperhead last week.”

“Okay, I’ll base but I’m fighting off a cold so I have no balance to demo slacklining.”

“Dude, poisonous snake injected me with venom this week.  My leg was the size of a small child.”

This was part of the conversation Sam and I (Dan from MN) had last night after I flew into NY to meet up with him for our impromptu “Tour de Teva” a 7 city, 10 day slackline/acrobatics workshop tour starting in NY and ending at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, CO.

Now I am what you would refer to as a NYC born again virgin.  Which means that I did it once when I was younger but never again.  Lucky for me we were spending the night with an acroyogi who teaches yoga to kids (check out her youtube video) and lives in NY and was ready to show me some of the city. 
However, just before we were going to walk out the door for a 10pm dinner run Sam and I decided that we needed to fix her broken bathroom door.  After all what kind of houseguests would we be if we didn’t try and fix something? 

With the help of some lipstick, the ladies-mate tool kit, and an amazing hacksaw we were able to get her door working again, and could finally go get some Thai food.
As promised I was able to get a taste of NYC, including a subway ride to Grand Central Station, seeing a street rat, and getting funnel cake at 12:30 in the morning.
It’s a shame I wasn’t able to won a free funnel cake by spinning the wheel, but I guess my luck ran out on our last adventure in Vegas (See Red Rocks Blog). 
After 5 short hours of sleep Sam and I were off to our first workshop of “Tour De Teva.”

After a three hour drive we arrived in Groton Long Point, CT and taught a three hour workshop to a group of amazing yogis.

Next stop, Philadelphia…      

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  1. When are you going to be in Philly?? Let me know please, sonnia@call-a-yogi.com Thanks!