Friday, May 21, 2010

YogaSlackers in Amsterdam...

As Sam recovers in good company stateside, Chelsey and Jason are in Holland for the Dutch Acro Fest, and then being joined by Daniel for some crazy adventure (more on that coming soon) in Scotland.

In our many hours trapped in the airport, Jason spent much of his time editing through footage from the previous weekend.  So here are a few of the results, with the more complicated ones (with all the students presenting the flows) coming soon.

THERE IS A NEW PAGE ON THE BLOG!  Look up at the top for a page with the 4 flows we've featured in workshops so far! There are videos, and the whole flow written out.

Final Note - Dutch Acro has not even started and we've already been compiling new material and doing lots of hand-to-hand!  Good stuff.  I hope my body can handle it!  Luckily, if the airline does find our bags, we'll have lots of KT tape to see us through!
Here is the Nada Aneka Astra as envisioned in it's entirety - long slow beautiful 9-minutes...

MUSIC BY VIVE - check them out!

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