Thursday, January 14, 2010

7 days in Tucson: ATypical YogaSlackers week

DAY 1:
  • slackline and acroyoga in the park
  • 16 mile bike ride at fantasy island Incorporating team trainer Andy Magness 3 hour a week super training
  • 6 people in a VW bug to go get pizza
  • watching movies till 2am

DAY 2:
After coffee at La buzz our Climbing
team assembled
Dan, Erika, Sam, Chelsey, Jen and Jason. We headed off on a 1 mile hike to the craig, I roped up to lead a classic 5.10 and Jason hea
ded around the corner to put up an acrobatic 9+. We ended up climbing 6 routes that day. The area was pretty stout Jen and Erika enjoyed a 5.9 stemming route.

Latter that evening we discovered the SkyBar with 1.50 mochas and free internet. Dan Erika and I spent a few hours there ultimately deciding on go
ing to a movie Sherlock Homles @ 9pm It was 8:20 and we decided to get something to eat after walking up and down 4th ave and reading 6 menu's 40 min had gone by and
still no food. We were back at the car and starving we opted for the Mexican place across the street, do to our indecision we had to drive 5 miles to anther movie theater to make the movie:)

DAY 3: slackline in park, bodywork and desert party

This was basicly our day off I worked HandStand drills on and off line. Then we all headed to the B&D party at Karilyn and Charlie's Place.

It was great lots of amazing people mixed with amazing food created an amazing energy. Jason and Chelsy finely left so it was time for some 11pm acrobatics with Alie, Dan Karilyn of course and a few others.


DAY 4: 10 mile run, yoga practice and jam
  • 1 hour yoga flow to improve acro skills
  • 4 hours compurter work
  • 1 hour nine mile run... 20 min @ 8min/mi then 1 min sprint 2 min rest @ 8min/mi pace repeat 10 times then 15min cool down 8 min/mi
  • 2 hours Acro class/play

DAY 5: intermediate acro intensive, body work & burritos
Another day off if you consider teaching 48+ people advanced Acrobatics relaxing. Thanks Mara for bringing the San Diego Crew down. Mara, Dan And Sam assisted in Jason and Chelsey's amazing vision. Creating a safe learning environment for all.


DAY 6: high acro and then some more super advanced acro

We Taught over 35 people the art of 2 high mounts, flag washing machines, and the Russian Acro routine... We all had Russian names for the day too.

We moved indoors for the final touchs on the AcroYoga Abu Dhabi Flow, one arm mayurasana, drop overs well just watch this


DAY 7:
26 mile Road Ride up Mt Lemon Our Instructions from YogaSlackers offical trainer Andy Magness
Bike (1:30) - "do this on your climb up lemmon - the first time. 30 min 'WU'. make sure you're on the hill. pyramid - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 min WI all w/ 3 min RI. 11 min easy (this is the 1:30) then get back up to whatever pace you want and regroup if you're ahead and want to ride together."
The 3 and 4 min ones were the worst because of where we were on the Mtn. We sprinted from Mile 8 to mile 14. I had some stomach problems and lost jason at windy point mile 15 Chelsy zoomed by me at mile 18 and handed me some much needed electrolyts I felt much better but I had to slow my pace for my stomach to recover and my legs cooled down and turned to lead I had to use everything I had to keep it above 5mph. I avg 10mph for 15 miles and 6 for the last 10 to the top. Check out the lone Purple glove I found on the way up:)


30 min warm up
30 mins of sprinting for 2 min resting for 3min
30 min warm down
15 mile day


Thanks for reading about a typical YogaSlackers week.... Come join the fun

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