Friday, January 15, 2010

Abu Dhabi dreams (and a really cool acroyoga flow)

Teaching this past weekend, I had flashbacks. In some ways the surreal landscapes that we cross during adventure races, always end up embedded in my psyche somewhere, and lately they have been coming back in many forms.

In the weeks before the most recent Advanced Acro intensive in Tucson, all I could imagine were camels, spiders, and scorpions. Here is the result. I bit off a bit more than I thought when I suggested that we film the whole flow for posterity, especially as the suggestion came right after a 10 mile training run (average 7:25 mile) and a 2 hr Acro class. My legs were certainly a bit wobbly, and Chelsey's core muscles not quite up to their normal WonderWoman levels. But we made it through.

The funny bit is this. After we made it through, she wanted to try again, to make some of the "rough" parts look prettier...but my legs were even more wobbly. So we tried again, and again. In the end, it was the first take that was smoothest (although not all that smooth...). And now, two days later, my legs are still sore.

As always, my eternal thanks to my partner in it all, Chelsey, the brilliant musicians of Barefoot Truth, our students (and teachers), our fellow slackers that make life so worth exploring, to Prana for the support, as well as all our other amazing sponsors and friends (many of whom have no idea of all the weird stuff we do when we are not racing...)

Keep playing! Raise that vibration! Long Live the SouthWest's amazing Acro kula!!!

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