Friday, January 8, 2010

YogaSlackers Keep the World in Balance

It's nice to know that the world is in balance. While Sam, Dan, Jason and I were out for our 10 mile training run this afternoon we saw a peculiar site: a dog being pulled by a car on a leash. Not only have we been training hard for our upcoming race, but we are also teaching a three day advanced acro yoga workshop this weekend (16 hours of acro). Some people might think that we do way to much, however, it's a good thing the universe can be balanced out by people who are to lazy to get out of their car to walk their dog!


  1. It is amazing what Yogaslackers as as team and on an individual level accomplishes. You, collectively, are an authentic inspiration on the physical, mental, and spiritual plane. I applaud your efforts of sustainability, drive, and resourcefulness. You bring light to many people through your efforts.

    As for the judgment, "Words are not a small thing. Words are the real power. The whole universe is a magnetic field. If we create positive words, we feel love. If we create negative words, we feel hatred." The quote is Yogi Bhajan.

  2. Thanks so much for the comment and good reminder of the power of our thoughts and energy. At the time we certainly reacted in that way, a bit stupefied at seeing someone get out of their car, walk a dog around it and close the leash in the door.

    It was one of those experiences (time, place, circumstances) that just kinda makes you shake your head and wonder if you are hallucinating.

    But I (we) do agree are thankful for the reminder that there are many possible reasons for this scenario, and even if laziness is one of the, we can still use compassion and love in thoughts of others.

    I initially thought to immediately take the post down after your comment and realizing the apparent harshness of the last line in the post, but I think the comment and quote is worth a bit of personal embarrassment on our part.