Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yes Tour Day 29


Miles Packrafted: 10
Miles ran: 10 (5x2)
dumpsters dived: 2

After another relaxing morning at the hostel, we split up with Jason and Tom walking to the Gunnison River to complete the 54 miles of packrafting for the YES Tour. It wasn't 108, but half of that was a more realistic goal for packrafting. See day 27 for the significance of 108. The rafting was super fun, and we often opted for the exciting looking waves which resulted in a quick cold swim for Jason. He managed to surf all the way across a play wave before flipping in the next wave. We also floated past a golf course and found a paddle. Jason is still behind in the paddle score, but he is gaining ground. After getting off the river and packing up the boats we had to jog nearly 5 miles back to the Hostel to make it back in time for the slackline workshop.

Meanwhile Sam and Chelsey had gone to the park with some others and practiced slacklining. Then we all returned for the slackline workshop. A number of the people that attended already knew how to slackline, so we had one beginner line and one advanced line going.

That evening we visited the 100% discount bin behind the local grocery store for corn chips, sweet corn, pastrami, mushrooms, and lunchables. Everyone was pretty excited to get some nice free food. These helped fuel us the next day.

This map includes the paddling:
Yes tour day 29 paddling at SpotAdventures

Map created by SpotAdventures:GPS Geotagging

This map has no paddling:
YES tour day 29 at SpotAdventures

Map created by SpotAdventures:GPS Geotagging

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