Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 30: No Mercy from the Wind

Miles: 67
head wind: 20 mph
Ice cream bars: 6

Today was a classic Yogaslackers day. We woke up, packed, ate and milled around till the clock said 11:59am. We had said we wanted to be out of there by 12... not a minute late or to soon, we were off. Jason got a flat right on time. We had gone 1/4 of a mile and were still in the Gunnison city limits. Luckily we had just bought a full patch kit from Rock and Roll Sports. By 12:15pm we were off to our next destination, Montrose. Right away the winds were against us. It looked like an awesome day for windsurfers and bikers going the other way.. but a grueling day for us. Thankfully the scenery was awesome, and the winds helped us from sweating to death. Half way through the ride, we made it to Cimmaron. We stopped into the Newberry market and scarfed down 6 ice cream sandwiches in the time span of 6 minutes. At the top of our final pass for the day, Mt. Cerro I ran up to a pipeline high above the highway and did some sun salutations and arm balances. Jason came up to join me, we did an acro pose and were done with the pipeline. The wind and the elevation took mercy on us for the last 16 miles. The head wind came down to 16 mph and the rest of the way was downhill. We rolled into Montrose just as it was getting dark. My friends Amanda and Liam of Dream West Expeditions put us up in their warehouse for the night. By 10 pm our bellies were full of Eastern Essence yummy indian food and we were sleeping soundly. The perfect end to our 2nd to last day of being on our bikes!!

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