Tuesday, July 7, 2009

YES Tour Day 28


Gallons of chocolate milk: 1.25
Tired Yogaslackers: 4

Today was mostly a day of rest - as much as the YogaSlackers are able to rest. Originally we planned to do some pack rafting, but it just didn't happen. Instead we managed a bit of sleeping in, a bit of morning relaxing, a bit of yoga, and then an acroyoga workshop with over 40 attendees outside. With a large group it would have been easy to get almost nothing done, but with many strong people, we were able to get a lot in the extended 2 hour class. It looked like a thunderstorm was going to make a mess of things. The gusty winds blew some mats around but only a few drops hit us before it cleared up again. Jason became rather hoarse trying to be heard though the weather.

Jason here: It was amazing for me to be working with such strong and talented fellow slackers (Chelsey, Sam and Tom) which allowed us to work with 45 people new to AcroYoga and share a impressive amount of the fundamentals. I am so thankful to be able to extend people's limits through this work (acro, slackline, climbing) and feel so comfortable doing it because of the people helping me to teach.

I just want to take the time to acknowledge them, as they are often in the background, while I am "teaching", but without them I would be far less willing and able to do what I do.

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