Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 19, life on the line

Jason here:

Miles biking: less than 1 mile
Distance walked on the line: almost 1 mile

As advertised on our flyer, from 12-4 today we hung out in Monument Park. We had two slacklines set up, and a bunch of rugs laying around for Acro play. We were by ourselves for the first 45 minutes (no one ever seems to want to show up for these sorts of things right when they start) so we ammused ourselves. Soon though, people were milling about and woman from the class last night showed up with her son and his friend. The slacklining instruction began.

Over the next 3 hours, people came and went, some staying for only thirty minutes, and some staying for 4 hours. A 16 year old wrestler named Justin got so addicted to the line that he stayed till we broke everything down. By the end, he was standing up from sitting down, switching knees at will, doing arm balances,and balancing on the line for minutes at a time.

Everyone did really well, and some of our students from the Acro class did repeat performances of the sequence they'd learned last night, and it was quite impressive.

We passed out samples of Java Juice, U-hydration, and Raw Rev bars, and were treated to some more of the wonderful peanut butter cookies from last night's post acro picnic.

In between teaching people how to unlock their balance potential, Chelsey practiced about 5000 handstands, Tom worked on advanced arm balances on the line, Sam drank more milk, and I lay around eating cookies and dried apricots.

At 5PM the thunderstorms came up, so we took down the lines and biked the grueling 6 blocks back to the house. There we played with the dog, climbed into the treehouse, and did dangerous things on the kids zipline until we nearly killed Tom.

Just another great rest day.

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