Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 20 - everything goes to "hail"

Day 20,

we did yoga lots
rock climbed and biked in the rain
yogaslacker fun

Statistics for the day:
pitches climbed: 23
sun salutations and yoga poses: lots
thunderstorm soakings: 1
milk and cookies: lots
coffee: lots
miles biked - off road: ?
on road: 10?
kids fed and put to bed: 2

wet Yogaslacker Tom reporting in. Actually I am dry now, but we all got thoroughly soaked by another afternoon thunderstorm. Last night wasn't much later than any other night, but somehow the morning seemed to come sooner. We got up and assembled in the backyard for a rather rigorous (at least for me) yoga session. Some parts of me that I usually happily ignore got stretched and worked most severely, and I rather suspect that if I wasn't going to be so sore from biking tomorrow, I'd be sore from the yoga. Then the coffee machine got a workout as did lunch. The missing host, Paul returned from a multi-day trail ride and there was much rejoicing.

At a typical leisurely yogaslacker time we biked back to Red Rocks taking a slightly scenic route in the park (more off-road miles with slicks) to the Solar Slab beneath The Whale. We met up with our hosts here who also climbed a bit. We managed to crank out 23 more pitches and dodge one thunderstorm before a direct hit put an end to the climbing for the day. Jason just managed to get off the last climb (a 5.11 slab that would have been nearly impossible in the rain). By the time we got the climbing gear off and stowed the big cold drops were pelting down in a serious way. Some of the Yogaslackers -cough Sam and Jason cough- didn't bring raincoats and got really soaked and chilled, and when it started hailing too, they got painfully pelted.

I have a big visor on my helmet and I don't think I could have seen anything without that, especially when the spray from the front wheel or from the wheel of the bicycle in front hit me. One sort of nice thing about the spray off the road was that it was warmer water. We considered getting out the packrafts to run the gutters but decided it probably wasn't a good idea. Then we all showered and got on dry clothes and were back to human. Now came the hard part of the day, watching the kids. We figured we'd end up hog-tied and hanging upside down getting licked by the dog while Ian and Patrick ate chocolate, but a combination of Chelsey's sweet talking and Sam's chocolate chip cookies kept us safe.

Tomorrow we ride to Pueblo, and I get the TRAILER OF DOOM! (but it is mostly downhill).
Here is a video on important yogslackers life skills:

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