Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 18 The Sky opened up Again....

Chelsey Here:

Today,while biking to Red Rocks here in Colorado Springs we thought of some new statistics to report on. For example, in addition to our miles, handstands, climbs and sun salutations we will now be reporting on the gallons of milk that Sam has consumed thus far, the amount of times Jason has lost his buff, sunglasses.. general belongings and the amount of times I attempt handstands over the amount of times I succeed (Tom has not been with us long enough for a statistic of his own, however it won't be long).
Climbs: 21
Gallons of Milk: 5
Lost belongings by Jason: 15
Chelsey's handstand attempt: 30/3

We are making way in our 1080 miles and our goals of doing 108 everything. Today we calculated that we are about half way through our miles, river miles and climbs. I am pretty sure that we will surpass our handstands, sun salutations and walks across the slackline. We have about three more weeks left of this amazing tour, we are feeling very fortunate and grateful for how our bodies have been holding up and for all of our amazing hosts!

We are now in Colorado Springs staying with friend Stephanie. Her and her family live in this amazing house that was built in 1901. We are on the third floor, which is proving to be a work out (I am wondering if we can count that as part of our trail miles?). It is complete with stainglass windows, beautiful wood floors and a history that can be felt. This morning we woke up to americanos and Jason's Egg Surprise. He once again took everything there was in the fridge, cooked it up and it became not only edible, but delicious. Stephanie topped it off with a delicious smoothie. By noon thirty (a classic yogaslacker departure time) we were on our bikes in search of good, fun climbing. After adding some much needed off road miles on to our total mileage, we found Ripple wall in Red Rocks. We were able to crank out 21 climbs total before the lightning started to strike a little to close for comfort. Jason made it to the top of a climb just as the drizzle turned into a solid down pour. Wet sandstone equals sketchy climbing. We raced each other home, up and down the "double over head" hill climbs. An hour later, after some pineapple and acro play time we were on our bikes again racing back to Red Rocks. This time around, thanks to everyone at the Bija Studio and Stephanie, we were able to teach an acro yoga class in the company of some amazing scenery. The sky had opened up for us. In 2 hours we were able to teach these strong yogis and yoginis a full acro flow.

We ended with some much needed thai massages for our strong bases. By sunset we were passing around homemade chocolate chip coconut cookies, chocolate covered walnuts, and hummus and crackers. In true yogaslackers form we played hard outside until the moon took the sun's place. For the second time, we raced back to the house hitting green lights the whole way home. We are all now happy and full off of homemade pizza and rhubarb crisp. Once again, I am very grateful for all of our amazing hosts and all of the amazing people we have met along the way. Thank you so much for your energy, your spirit and love. We feel very lucky to do what we love and share it with others. Beads of Courage has been an awesome opportunity for us to pass on our energy to those who are less fortunate as well, thank you for helping us make it happen!

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