Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 15: Becky's grand adventure

From YES tour Day 14-15
Jason here:

In Denver we are lucky enough to be hosted by Becky Prater, one of the founders of Beckons Organic - a beautiful yoga inspired organic clothing company. We first met Becky at the Estes Park Yoga Conference (or some similar venue) and became fast friends. Chelsey had also been wearing a Beckons top for years on the river, but had lost it sometime earlier this year. So we were in good company.

After amazing waffles for breakfast, Chelsey was invited to look through the racks of clothes and pick out a few things. She was in heaven, trying on all the beautiful tops and skirts and dresses...I still don't think she has decided on what she wants.

We spent the early afternoon at a local pool, swimming and practicing yoga and Acro, until a huge rainstorm came in. The pool closed, and the five of us (Becky and her daughter, Peyton were with us) rode home in the cold rain. That evening Becky rode with us again (in the rain again) into OMtime studio for a benefit class that Shannon Paige Schneider was teaching for our cause. We arrived a few minutes late and soaked, but excited for Shannon's magic. She did not disappoint.

At the end of class, we were all connected through a big web of touch when she turned the floor over to us. We kept the energy really connected, and transitioned seamlessly into AcroYoga therapeutics. Choosing 3 volunteers, Sam Chelsey and I demoed by way of flying total newcomers in 5 minute massage flows. When those three were done, we took three more up. As the night went on, it turned into a jam, and we taught people to base, and fly more advanced moves, spotting when necessary. Shannon has some really strong students and it was amazing to see what some of them could do.

Despite knowing us for several years, Becky had never had the nerve to fly, but that night she flew on each of us in turn, culminating in some inverted acrobatic moves.

We were also re-united with Mercedes (the girl who led us down from Estes Park - see YES tour day 9) and got to thank her again with some great flight time. An impressive yogini, we actually didn't even recognize her until we'd spent most of the evening together.

Playtime lasted until 10PM we headed home. It had been a long day, and Becky had already ridden further than she had in a long while, and overcome her AcroYoga fear in a big way. To top it off, on the way home she crashed her bike when a car didn't see us crossing the street (we had the right of way, but didn't have light on). She went down in a perfect skid on her right side, and has a nice little road rash. She took it like a champ, and we were all much more careful on the way home.

To celebrate our great day and survival of the night, Sam baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. It was another late night, as we all stayed up long enough to sample the various batches.

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