Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 14 - a new math equation

Jason here:

Ok here it is. It has been a while since I actively did a lot of computation (since I was a physicist actually), but I think the math is sound.

x miles of riding + y rock climbs - t bagels for food + m quarts of chocolate milk / z people = k

Now to take this further, take the answer from the previous equation (k) and put it into this equation: k + i miles at w hours into the day = a

So lets define the variables:
x = 21, y= 27, t = 1, m =2, z = 3, i = 20, and w = 22

Doing the computations, we arrive at the answer for k = really tired yogaslackers.
If we input this solution into the second equation we find our solution for a = super exhausted starved and somewhat irritable yogaslackers.

It was actually a beautiful day, with a great ride to Golden, Colorado where we met fellow Yoga Slacker and yogi supreme asana master Scott Turpin. Scott is an amazing yoga teacher, slackliner, climber and budding Mt. bike racer. Together the 4 of us hike up to North Table Mountain and spent the afternoon climbing. We didn't have a guidebook, so we just got on whatever looked good, trying to rack up as many climbs as we could. Turns out that we climbed the gamut from 5.8 to 5.11d. We onsighted everything except for the 11d, but we all agreed that the 11b. 11d, and a certain hard 5.9 were the best.

Repacking our gear, we then headed into Denver, managing to get lost and turn a 1 hour bike ride into a 2.5 hour ride. We'd eaten almost nothing (we often get excited and forget to eat when we are climbing) and by 10pm we were riding through downtown D-town, drooling over the smells coming from everywhere.

By 10:30, mercifully, we'd found the Becky's house. She welcomed us in, immediately put delicious food in front of us and therefore saved us to slack another day.
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