Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 10-13 Recovery Play Time!

Miles: 25
Handstands: 20 each
Sun Salutations: 20
Pitches of Rock: 1

Chelsey Here:
We spent this past beautiful soltice weekend in Boulder playing with the locals at OM Time studio and The Prana Store. Thanks to a friend of ours, we had a beautiful place to stay just a few blocks from Pearl street. Our legs greatly appreciated how central the house was to all of our needs! On Thursday we slept in, ate a delicious BIG breakfast thanks to Andrea and Alex's left overs in the fridge and Jason's amazing ability to whip up something from nothing. We spent the day recovering, catching up on our emails and eating as much as possible. Our friends Andrew and Erin took us out to lunch at Crepes A la Cart, which was quite the treat!! Andrew is quite the character, he has broken over 42 bones in his body (if you count cranial bones) and has more near death stories than you could ever imagine. That night we went to OM time to see if we could get in on a yoga class. Shannon graciously let us in to her class. It was perfect. The whole class was centered on hearts and hips. After riding 90 miles the night before our chests, shoulders and hips thanked Shannon greatly for her beautiful class. It was.... serendipitous. That night we did our acro training complete with V-ups till your abs explode, belly to the wall hand stands, jedi squares... and lots more.

The next day we had two workshops at The Prana Store. Ivy, Laural, Maddy and Jaime were all there eager to learn some new tricks! We had all played together at one time or another, so we were able to kick it up a notch. With in an hour we were popping them in to throne and back to bird! On our lunch brake we walked up and down Pearl Street doing handstands, hand to hand and arm balances on anything we could find. At 3:30pm we were back at Prana teaching a slackline workshop to the girls and more eager folks including our friends Kate, Joe and Larkin who are all trying to make slacklining legal in Boulder! Yeah! We taught them what we could. Everybody was amazing on the slackline, just eating up and doing what ever we could throw at them. Kate and I both got lotus on the slackline at the same time. I was stoked! That night we got a surprise visit from our friends Rachel, Goose (Rachel's dog) and Kiara. The day couldn't have ended any better- it was complete with lots of laughing, Sam's special chocolate chip cookies and of course some play time!

On the morning of the Solstice With the beats of my new favorite band Barefoot Truth in the background, I had a fun invigorating practice of my own on the front porch. In the heat of the day we went back to Om Time to teach another Acro Workshop. It was a small intimate group. We had a fun, hard warm up followed by two hours of fun acro play! Andrew and Erin treated us again by taking us out to the movies that night. The boys saw Star Trek while I went with Andrew and Erin to the Proposal (I was in the mood for a chick flick). Late into the night Jason worked on our YES tour movie, while Sam and I packed up and got ready for our departure!
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