Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dear Friends,

Just like writing this message means to start typing that first letter,
going on a Journey means; taking that first step.

Last monday I walked into a beautiful new yogsstudio in the south of Holland and a painted line on the wall inspired me;
to walk up the strairs, you don't need to see the whole staircase, you just need to take the first step.
This is so treu, and jet my truth is; the closer I get to stepping on the plane, the more I want to see that whole staircase!

Coming sunday I will fly to Reykjavik continue to the United States and not come back home for 6 weeks.
About half of my trip is clear; placewise, who-will-I stay-with and what-will-I-do-wise..
The other that whole staircase that I am not seeing jet..

This why I named my trip 'The Trust Cultivating Journey',

From the moment I booked my tickets, all kinds of nice things are enfolding.
I'll be teaching som acrobatics in New York, San Diego, and maybe more places, meet friends in Denver, attend a 6-day intensive bodywork Breema in Berkely (check
this is a very interesting and poweful bodywork method, almost more an intension for life.

I would love to do as much work as I can along the way and will be offering Bodywork, AcroYoga, Acrobatics (Dutch style;) .

Inspired by streetperormer friends and the stories we know about ancient healers who where supported by the community, all the work I do will be donation-based.

Making this a Donation Tour will stimulate me to trust that life will take care of me, and break through a pattern where people first have to think about money.

If you have any idea's, if you have friends who are screaming for some healing, and you want to connect them with me,
any ideas are welcome. Thanks for your support!

On the bottom of this e-mail you can find my schedule so far, some of it might change, but we can be in touch about it.

Lots of warm greetings, and hope to meet you along the road!


~ September 7 - October 21
Dieke's Donation Tour,
'a trust cultivating yourney'
AcroYoga, & bodywork on donation
Reykjavik, New York, Denver, San Diego, San Francisco
~ Sept 7 - Sept 10 ~ Reykjavik
~ Sept 10 - Sept 20 ~ New York
~ Sept 20 - Sept 26 ~ Colorado / Estes Park
~ Sept 26 - Oct 5 ~ San Diego / Santa Monica
~ Oct 5 - Oct 21 ~ San Francisco

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