Friday, September 5, 2008

Montana Video

4 days, 4 ways to Die - 

Ok, a little dramatic, and the video voice-over is a bit cheesy, but the song is kicking, and some of the footage is pretty good (high res version available for sponsors!)  The trip was incredible and a first on many levels.  

The stats at the end of the video say a lot about the highlights....

  • Over 30,000 ft of elevation gain
  • Carrying technical climbing gear, packrafts, paddles, life-jackets, food, ultra-light shelters, ice-axes, crampons, etc.
  • Pack weight under 25 lbs
  • First technical climb with boats (55 degree ice/snow, 5.7 rock)
  • over 80% untracked wilderness
  • Whitewater up to class IV+
  • 4 near death experiences (Daniel and the giant rock, Tom and the stuck rope free-solo, Andy and the class IV+ gorge swim, and Jason and the "Car back" bike crash....)
We are all excited to be pushing the limits of packrafting potential, and thanks to Roman Dial for his continued inspiration.
Thanks especially to Kahtoola - the makers of the amazing light trekking crampons that we used, definately not designed for steep ice, but more than up to the task...even if it was a little scary.  Thanks also to Inov-8 for the Gore-tex boots weighing under 400 grams a pair....amazing! 
Going ultra-light meant layering with Ibex wool arm warmers and leg warmers (I am in love with these things for sheer versatility!)  Outdoor Research Zealot Jackets (only 7 oz.!), and of course the amazing Alpacka pack rafts....
We were burning about 10,000 - 12, 000 calories a day, and probably eating 2500.  We ate primarily organic Raw Rev bars, which helped us survive - barely.  The bike back to the car was a bit of an epic.

Thanks to all our other sponsors as well!!!!

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