Wednesday, August 20, 2008

hello from the end of the world (almost)

After a mammoth journey, we arrived in Blanc-Sablon....sleeping in a school. Found out that this is a crazy hard stage race witha lot of fast teams....not our forte, but we are excited. WE get to sleep almost every night. We'll see. Internet in the remote NE canada. Race starts in the morning with a 10 k ocean kayak (portage maybe too if our shortcut works with tides), the trekking/coasteering with a ocean/seacliff rope section, then short kayak to bike rogaine (lots of hike - a bike we think) then if we make a cut-off, the EXTREME section with another paddle and island trek....should be at the School in small village by 10PM? dinner, sleep, more maps and wake at 6 AM....

It will be different.

So beautiful....different kind of folks who live out here.



  1. Is this Jason Magness, as in University of Oklahoma, twin of Andy?

  2. Hey team. i met a couple of you guys at PowerShift last year, in D.C. and was inspired. I've started slack lining and pursuing a balance of soul, of harmony between the spirit and the environment. i was wondering if you knew of any contacts or groups doing similar pursuits- adapting sports to the extreme in pursuit of oneness with the self and the environment... but in other countries? if so, please please get back to me. i'm looking to do research but i need to know where to start! thanks so much,