Monday, August 18, 2008


The transitions from one thing to the next are so swift sometimes that it is hard to remember where I was just the day before.  And now we are off again.  Or at least a few of us are.  

Remote Canada.  Coast Raid adventure race.  The hardest part might just be getting there.

Within the last two weeks we've been fighting to survive on the Montana expedition, teaching yoga and acrobatics in Salt Lake at the OR show, high-lining in hotel atrium, learning to pole-dance, teaching and practicing intense yoga and acrobatics, learning hand to hand, long intense conversations and relationships, a huge monsoon which turned the streets of Tucson into a midnight whitewater playground.  Then back to Salt Lake teaching two workshops and now off to Canada in the morning.

I need to get more sleep!

Sam will be heading to SantaCruz to meet up with Paige and Adi for Slackline demos and the Slacrofest.  We'll keep you updated on it all.

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