Wednesday, June 11, 2008

yogaSlackers playing (umm..I mean training) in Vegas

After the Vegas Race, Paul and I had a few days to kill before the AcroYoga workshops the next weekend. So we whiled away the first few days climbing, and dirtbag camping. Then we started upping the ante (we were in Vegas after all) by going to a hard yoga class in the AM, doing a few AcroYoga Demos, climbing hard all day, and then going straight into another yoga class and demos. Usually we'd forget to eat.

Eventually the weekend came, and we went more into Yoga mode.....which just means that we'd climb early in the morning, do some AcroYoga at the crags, and then rush back to town to teach my workshop! Our friend, and fellow acroyogi/climber Emily came out to help.
The Slackline demo/party was attended by over 40, and the audience included a few professional acrobats. The approached afterward and were interested in putting slackline into a show on the Strip. Is Vegas ready for the line?

We did the same on Sunday, and then did acrobatics in the park till it was pitch black. No one wanted to leave.

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