Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sleeping (or not) in Vegas

With the Desert Dash adventure race behind me, and the AcroYoga workshops a few days in the future, I was looking forward to a few days of semi-rest (well yoga in the morning, climbing all day, then yoga at night - that sort of rest).  However, it seems that sleep is a difficult commodity to get a hold of in Vegas.  Even on the outskirts of Vegas....

Paul and I returned to the old campground where his VW was parked at about 8 last night, to find a cop there.  The campground was closed, and we were not allowed to park there.  Apparently parking is of premium value in the wide open desert.  So we drove into town and parked outside Yoga Sanctuary.  Less than 10 minutes passes before a security guard found us.  

We ended up just moving across the street to a well lit parking lot and making a go of it there.  We'll see how many times we get woken up tonight.

Today however, its morning yoga, then climbing a 6 pitch classic, then evening yoga and Acro Demos.

Another day in the life of a slacker. 

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