Thursday, February 24, 2011

Patagonian Adventure continues for Sam and Paul

Best coffee in town
Sam here,
The Wegner Patagonia Adventure Race finished 7 days ago with team Gear Junkie/YogaSlackers taking a respective 2 nd place finish. Our support bag that was only suppose to be at PC 11 is still sitting on top of a mountain @ PC 10!!!

Paul and I have been sitting in Punta Arenas for 5 days waiting for the race staff to find us a boat to take us close to PC 10, so we can hike in. We are not complaining too much YET. Our predicament has scored us a sweet room at Oro Fueguino for 3 days, with a great breakfast of peach yogurt, corn flakes, cake, cookies and coffee everyday. However we are now sleeping on the office floor, which is more our speed anyway.

Pauls favorite activity LOGGING tapes

The race has also covered our meals at a variety of local restaurants which has been a great way to experience the town.

The people down here have been really friendly. We have seen break dancers holding one arm handstands and hopping...amazing, there were some parkor kids practicing on the beach, we met a local climber and slackliner, there was even a guy playing the accordion.

Other key experiences:

1.Kissing the toe of the large bronze statue in the town square. (Suppose to insure a return trip to Punta Arenas)

2.Having 8 stray dogs follow us for 3 blocks.

3.Going for frequent 8 mile runs up and down the beach. (We got kicked out of the 11 story Casino because we were running up and down the stairs)

our first meal in Patagonia
 I am mentioning all these crazy events because they might not have happened if the race officials had not mistakenly helicoptered our RED PACIFIC OUTDOORS GOBI 85L bag up to remote pc 10. So bottom line our bag has been sitting in the open, on top of a mountain in the middle of southern Patagonia wilderness full of expensive electronic equipment for what will be atleast 10 days by the time we get to it. We are counting on Pacific Outdoors amazing products to keep our gear safe.

Our Red bag is still missing :)

This has been a true test of patience and poise. Paul and I have felt very angry and annoyed at times because we are attached to our PLAN to climb for 10 days in Argentina and Chile. Everyday our bag sits is one less day of climbing.

I think it would be best to let go of the climbing and focus on the fun things in PA as we wait. (I will need help convincing Paul:)

Here is the plan for the rescue mission.
1. Take day trip to antartica (score)(weather permitting, we have been waiting 2 days now)
2. Paddeling across the Straight of Magellan

3. Day trip to the Southern most tip of South America (4 hours away)
4. Slackline around town
5. Daily runs down the beach

This leaves us with less then 5 days to climb... please send us encouraging thoughts to help us keep the awesome reality of our situation in perspective.
Hotel Hain, Our first home in Patagonia

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  1. sounds fun boys, we stayed in Hotel Hain when we first went to patagonia, it an interesting place!!
    how did/are you getting to antarctica? will be very jealous ifyou make it.
    keep enjoying the south.