Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chip & Laura's Intermediate AcroYoga Workshop

Laura here-This last Sunday when Chip and I taught an intermediate AcroYoga workshop, we had a super strong group, and it was such a pleasure to teach folks from Tucson, Phoenix, and even San Diego! It was so neat to see the whole flow come together and started out with me and Chip just playing around and putting together a flow that we could up level and down level. Lots of the moves were inspired by our many teachers, and some Chip and I came up with from just playing around. Next, we wanted to get it on video to entice folks to come to the workshop. On a hike with Chip and my cutest stepson Kai, we ran into a local bird watcher and nature enthusiast, Jose, and she told us about this amazing place to go see tens of thousands of cranes this time of year. We hopped in our car the very next day, and drove 1 and a half hours east to the White Water Draw. We got there at seriously the perfect time and perfect day to get an amazing background for our video. After seeing what we captured, we just had to name the flow after it, hence, the "Sandhill Crane Flow".  What you couldn't tell in the video, was that there is a very crucial point during the flow, in which you HAVE to "ca-caw" like a crane (right before sitting up into shins)'s very crucial, or have I mentioned that already:) So ya, here's the video from that day:
Handstand block made by Chip!
The day of the workshop was really exciting for us. We had a great group, and everyone really put their effort into working hard, staying attentive, and keeping everyone safe.  It was also really neat to see that pretty much everyone arrived with an AcroYoga partner. It sure made making the groups easy...and I suppose it just makes sense since having a regular partner can be really beneficial as you dive deeper into the practice. So we had all our introductions and got right into warming up with yoga flow and abdominal exercises Chip is now famous for:). After going over all different types of strength training elements, we set up different stations with 2 people at each- one coaching, and one doing the exercise. We'd give each person 20 seconds per interval, so there'd be very quick sprints of exercise, followed by rest. It was so nice that Chip built us two beautiful sets of red wood handstand blocks because we were able to add hand to hand training to the circuit. 
Lindsey & Will coming into shins
Astara & Nick in floating camel
I just love how the whole room lights up during strength training circuits and everyone is pumped to begin learning the flow. We got right into it by teaching the flow piece by piece with lots of up leveling and down leveling. Everyone was honest in their own assessment of what would be best for them, and there was a lot of encouragement to try real hard at whatever it was they were doing. The day was a real success and concluded in putting the whole flow together with whatever energy people had left.  
                                                     And here's the whole flow Chip & I presented at the end of the day:

We're now figuring out when to get the next intermediate workshop up on our calendar- so stay tuned for more fun-ola, and you can always check in with us @ We're hoping that setting up these intermediate workshops will bring even more folks out to Jason & Chelsey's advanced if you're ready and have all the pre-req's in the bag for this Mar.4-6 in Tucson, AZ, sign up at:                     

The whole crew:)
 Catch ya later!


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