Monday, December 6, 2010

Identity Crisis

In my mind's eye i still see myself with long unruly hair. The image of a wild adventurer who answers to no one except the wind, the mountains, and the sea. And I always imagined that no matter how long it's been since my last shower, that my mane exuded a raw powerful sexiness that Sampson would relate to. But all that is gone now. A few days ago, I had it all shorn off. Now when I see my reflection in the truck window, instead of the romantic warrior I expect, a militant warrior stares back. I feel like I stepped into the classic 70's movie Tribes (instaplay on netflix). This last weekend, people that I have known for years walked right by without recognizing me, and someone that saw a brief clip on youtube of Chelsey and I doing an acrobatic demonstration wondered, "who is the dork that Chels is flying with, why does she look so comfortable standing in his hands, and where is Jason?" Right now I miss my hair like crazy, but i bet in a few days as I begin the death march across the desert of Abu Dhabi (known only as the Empty Quarter), I won't miss much at all. Well...except maybe sleep and water...
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  1. i think this makes you look more hardcore and unapproachable (: especially when you don't smile.

  2. You kinda look like a guy who could sub and get respect in an unruley AlgebraII class. Not really millitant warrior, however a guy with definite boundaries. :)HN

  3. Liked your hair. Like your head. Was always most interested by what comes from your heart.