Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Airport Breakfast

The wake up alarm went off at 4:05 am. It was one of those programs that slowly increases the volume of a song till it changes from soothing to pleasant to rocking to damn annoying. This morning I made it through about half of Mumford and Son's- Winter Winds song before I rolled out of bed. Our gracious host Glenn Millar drove us to the BART station. By 5:30 we were struggling our 10 bags through the terminal. The only casualty of the morning was the new jar of peanut butter we brought withus for plane food (see chels's sad face). But the rest of the food (much of it more liquidy than PB) made it through so we were able to dine in style at the gate. Next stop Minneapolis, where we meet our fourth teammate (and my twin), Andy. Let's hope we have better luck than when Sam flew race in Malaysia last year!
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