Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wanderlust Adventures

Chelsey here:

I just woke up from a 2 hour nap and am at first very confused as to where I am. “Am I still dreaming, when is someone going to pinch me?” I realize that even if I am dreaming, it is not going to end anytime soon.

Jason and I have been taking 2 hour driving shifts since Reno. We left there this morning after an amazing weekend at the Wanderlust Yoga/Music Festival in Squaw Valley, CA. We are driving Beaver's Burning Man Bliss Bike and the left over Prana goods to the Outdoor Retailer show where Sam and the rest of the Prana crew our awaiting our arrival.

As the YogaSlackers we are used to having our many passions collide together. One weekend we will be blissed out teaching an amazing workshop or retreat, and the next weekend we are suffering, sweating and breathing hard riding up a steep loose fire road with no end in sight at 4 am in the morning. When people ask us who we are and what we do, it is the hardest question. This question is usually answered after a long pause and a big inhale.
However, this weekend all of what we do came to a head, so luckily we were able to show and tell people what we are all about

Beaver gives Chris a ride on the burning man bike

First off, Sam, Tom, Daniel, Jason and I showed up to the Wanderlust Festival after an 18 hour drive from Wyoming where we just got off our Annual Too Much Fun Expedition (click here for more info). Adi and Paige met us there- it was like a mini YogaSlackers Reunion! For three days we helped set up the village, played, connected, took classes, and taught to anyone who wanted to learn the art of doing yoga on a slackline. Then on Saturday morning, while Paige, Adi and Tom held down the YogaSlackers camp- Jason, Daniel, Sam and I started a 24 hour Adventure race in Lake Tahoe. Jason, Daniel and myself made up one team, and Sam joined our good buddy Glenn on another team. After finishing the race at 7:30 the next morning and taking 2nd place, we rushed back to the festival to entertain and hang out on the slacklines. At 5 pm, Sam took off on a plane with Beaver to SLC, while Tom, Daniel and Jason worked until midnight packing up the Prana booth. I had my best intentions set on dancing it up to Beats Antique with Adi- however, I made a mistake by sitting down... and by the time I got back up again, it was 6:30 am the next day.

In addition to being the first time we have ever competed in an adventure race in the middle of an event, it was also the first time most of us were all together in the same exact spot! (we were missing Dan and Paul!!)

None of this could have happened without our loving and supportive Slacker Family and Prana- our sponsor who are also more like family.

Many, many thanks to those who reminded us to eat and drink the day before and after the race.
Thank you to Tom, Adi and Paige for representing the YogaSlackers Camp and spreading the love.
Thank you to Prana and Beaver for being supportive and letting us set up tents in your back yard, take showers and eat your food.
Thank you to DK and Anusara for inviting us to this amazing festival that fuses together so many awesome and vibrant communities.
A very tired Jason and Daniel on the cable car

Chelsey looks a bit fresher than Jason
A slack of Yogaslackers

The non-stop fun and craziness doesn't stop there- we are enroute to the Outdoor Retailer show, where we will be teaching yoga and running the  Prana Rejuvenation room, other wise known as an amazing escape and sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the show. From there, Sam, Jason and I will meet Adi in Boston where we will be performing at a Barefoot Truth Concert, and then teaching a week long YogaSlackers Summer Camp Retreat at Kripalu.  If we don't see you in our near travels- we hope you are having fun and slacking often.

Check our Adelaide's bog for more info on Wanderlust here

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