Thursday, July 29, 2010

TMF 2010 Teaser

The Too Much Fun (TMF) 2010 expedition went to the Wind River Range from July 20-25th, 2010. This is a short teaser post to show a few pics and give a quick description. A more complete trip report will appear eventually, but don't hold your breath, the Yogaslackers are busy at Wanderlust, and a race, and the OR show...

6 of us hiked in about 20 miles and a lot of up for our first camp near Arrowhead Peak.
Chelsey, Daniel, and Jason packed into their "tent"

last light on Mount Helen

The next day the rain hit when we were about to start climbing. This made things interesting, especially as we had shuttled most of our warm clothes and gear to the ridge we were expecting to descend to after the climb... We hid under a rock rather than ascend to the ridge in a driving thunderstorm. The rain continued as we recollected our stuff and headed over to Titcomb Basin. It stormed a lot that night. On day 3 we climbed the S buttress of Tower 1 on Mt Helen and then up to the summit.

 panorama of Mount Helen and Titcomb Basin from our camp

On day 4 we headed over Bonney Pass and climbed Gannet Peak. We did some acroyoga on the summit to stall before the descent. Then down the N ridge and west into the Wells Creek drainage.

acroyoga on the summit of Gannet

panorama looking up the Wells Creek drainage towards Gannet Peak

On day 5 we descended (a little sketchy) to the Green River and packrafted down to in between the Green River Lakes. On day 6 we hiked around the other lake and rafted down the Green River for a long ways, then we got an amazing ride back to our cars. As you can imagine, the gear and miles required for this trip meant that there wasn't a lot of room left for comfort - hence the other name for this trip, a sufferfest. For instance, we had 2 tiny shelters and 2 sleeping bags (added at the last minute) for 6 people and we took hand paddles to save weight. Good times were had by all, but not all the time.
hand Paddling down the Green River with Squaretop behind us

To Much Fun 2010

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