Monday, May 31, 2010

YogaSlackers Meet with Superheroes in Amsterdam

Team YogaSlackers members Jason and Chelsey spent some time training with acrobatic legend Spiderman on Monday, while team member Dan bartered for continued support from the Sith Lord, Darth Vader.  The slackers ran into these two legends while exploring Amsterdam in search of the perfect slackline location.

Excited onlookers cheered as Spiderman helped hone the hand-to-hand handstand skills of Jason.  He noted, "it's all in the squeeze, Jason, you really have to grip tightly".  Advising Chelsey, spidey noted that "with great power, comes great responsibility; you've got to be patient with your partners, you can't hold their weakness against them."  Jason was excited to 'fly' Spiderman for real, "we've been fans for years, this is such an honor!"

The YS racing team has had many recent successes in racing, but they did not miss an opportunity to hedge their bets.  A deal was struck with the Dark Side representative - Darth Vader - who shared his philosophy "let the anger flow through you."  The move surprised many, as the YogaSlackers have traditionally prided themselves on associating exclusively with conscientious and ethical organizations.  This development is certainly controversial, and only time will tell how it affects the racing career of Team YogaSlackers.

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