Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wenger Patagonia Race in Numbers

It took 500 chocolate bars, 25 supermarket cart-fulls of food, and an organizational staff of 64 people to manage and run the 2010 Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race. More fun facts and numbers below from this year’s event.

Total course distance: 554 km (344 miles)

Checkpoints: 18

Trekking distance: 220 km (137 miles)

Biking distance: 288 km (179 miles)

Kayaking distance: 46 km (29 miles)

Ziplines over river: 1

Team Gear Junkie Mountain Pass.jpg

Team Gear Junkie crests a mountain pass on day five

Competitors: 56

Teams: 14

Teams that finished: 7

Time to complete course (winners): 5 days 6 hrs 8 mins

Time to complete course (Team Gear Junkie; 4th place): 6 days 3 hrs 31 mins

Race-ending injuries: 1

Average weight loss per competitor: 5 kg (11 pounds)

Weight loss by Stephen Regenold (Gear Junkie): About 7 pounds

Team Helly Hansen in Tent.jpg

Team Helly Hansen in transition area tent, day five of race

Lowest temperature recorded: -2 degrees C

Strongest winds recorded on course: +120km

Number of mountain passes: 4

Oldest racer: Age 56 (Robert Finlay, Team Eddie Bauer)

Youngest racer: Age 22 (Daniel Staudigel, Team

Organizational staff: 64

Amount of support food: 25 supermarket cart-fulls

Amount of support chocolate: 500 bars

Cameras lost/broken in wilderness: 5

Hours to return to civilization at end of race: 32

Tears: A few

Hull Navy Ship.jpg

Racers and gear in hull of Chilean Navy vessel, the transport back to the start line from end of race

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