Sunday, February 28, 2010

Team YogaSlackers drop out of Bariloche Epic Chocolate Challenge


Fresh off their strong finish in the Patagonia Expedition Race, members of Team YogaSlackers headed to Bariloche, Argentina to try a different type of challenge – the Epic Chocolate Challenge. 


Traveling down El Mitre (the town’s main drag) the trio was required to stop at each of the specialty chocolate shoppe’s and partake of various delectable goodies. 

The team started out strong, with Daniel (the eating machine) looking and feeling great, and pint sized Chelsey even opting for the optional CP (ChocoPoint) in the form of hot liquid cocoa.  IMGP0251

However, the 7th stop, proved difficult, as the team was forced to eat three scoops of handmade icecream – Chocolate Almond Whiskey, Fruita de Bosque, and Suave Rama.  Daniel was overheard on his way to the next chocolate shop (literally next door) muttering, “there better be something dark in this next one, all this sugar is making me queasy!”

The dark chocolate did come, however it was too little and too late.  After only one more confectioniere, the team’s heavily sugared intellect could not figure out the advanced “take a number and wait your turn” system of the ManiRoji Chocolatier, and they wasted over 30 minutes waiting. 

When it came, the sugar crash was sudden and fierce, and the members of team YogaSlackers were forced to call for medical assistance.  Within minutes, they were seated in the shade, being plied with Roquefort and celery enpenadas.

With 3 chocolate shops left unvisited,the team recieves it’s first DNF ever in international competition.  Disappointed, captain Jason Magness  says they will return next year with renewed hope and a new strategy….

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