Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Power of Steam "for Information purposes only"

What do you do after a full day of Climbing, Mtn. Biking & Hiking when you already made...Ate...drank Hot Chocolate and huge Indian food feast with one of your best friends in the world...all that and it is only 6:30pm!

Follow these directions for a night of fun, excitement and creativity


4 feet of 3/4" galvanized steel conduit
E Tape
big rock (anvil)
little rock( hammer)
empty NUUN Tube
Water or for real fun Alcohol, White Gas Not recommended

Construction instructions
  1. Start fire wait for good bed of coals
  2. heat 1 ft of one side of the conduit
  3. Bend using 2 rocks creatively one foot of conduit into 20 to 30 degree arch
  4. re heat pound 3 to 4 inches of the bent end closed then fold (tricky) over 2" of the flattened conduit to form air tight seal. bent end is now (steam chamber)
  5. place NUUN tube on the other end of Cannon now known as the (barrel), notice where the tube bottoms out on the barrel mark it with E Tape.
  6. remove Tube from barrel
  7. start wrapping e tape around the barrel above the bottom out mark
  8. wrap up 3 inches then back 3"
  9. then layer 5 wraps just above bottom out mark then back up 3" (We are trying to create a tapering effect that will allow for the max seal when tube is tapped onto the barrel with the little rock)
Set up and firing Instructions
  1. Arrange fire so "steam chamber" is under the coals, also allow space for more wood and air
  2. Be sure to use big rock to block off the back of the steam chamber so when the NUUN tube is tapped on, the whole cannon stays put
  3. check to make sure barrel is pointed in a safe direction (Max range 100ft)
  4. look down barrel, Red Glow is a go!
  5. fill NUUN tube 3/4 full with H2O
  6. pick up small rock "hammer" in other hand
  7. clear range
  8. in one smooth motion pour water and put NuuN tube on barrel use rock to immediately tap tube on with small rock
  9. yell "fire"

  1. Low pressure: Check seal at back of Cannon's steam chamber. Add another tight bend Hammer flat.
  2. Liquid H2O exits barrel (may Cause Low Range too): Be sure you see a red glow when you look down the barrel. play with the amount of H2O
  3. Low Range: Adjust angle of barrel 45 to 55 degree angle worked best for us
Add wings to NuuN tube to increase range and Payload
Cut Nuun Tube down to decrease weight and increase range
Wire 3 layers of Toilet paper to tube dip in Alcohol... not sure how to load a flaming projectile

Range: 35yards
Payload: up to 5oz

Designed and tested by Paul Cassedy & Sam Salwei during a climbing trip to New Jack City, February 2010. The YogaSlackers take no responsibility for these instructions as they were written by Sam while he was driving from new jack to L.A
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