Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Lev"itation is born

The first synthesis of the skills of the YogaSlackers and one of Prana's other athletes - Lev Pinter. This transpired late at night after the closing of the OR winter show, It was a slow process, starting with an attempt to teach Lev some basic Acro (star) and then with Chip and Jason trying to invent a "double navasana" acro balance. One of the failed attempts there led to the discovery that a star to two high transition might be possible. As the night got longer, we worked out the tweaks, with our acrophile hosts (Sandi and Bob), out photog (Ben Fullerton) and the core team all present. After numerous great spotting saves (Lev could spot me on a highball death boulder anyday!) Lev and Chels got it clean. Thus "Lev"itation was born.

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