Friday, January 29, 2010

Last long run done...10 days BP (Before Patagonia)

The time is passing quickly. WE just did our last training run of any significance - roughly 15 miles of adventure running in the canyons around San Diego. A link up of Rose Canyon and Marian-Bear, the run included lots of bushwhacking, 8 stream crossings through water too near to sewage plants to be comfortable with, and about 1.5 miles of very clear trespassing.

Daniel and I had on the Inov-8 288's, which are high top and Gore-Tex yet run like lightweight racing shoes, so the water was no problem for us, and Daniel carried Chelsey across the deepest of the questionable run-off streams. The trespassing section started with climbing a fence into into the edge of a large tree farm of sorts, butted up against the edge of the Marine Base. It was fun to run between barbed wire fences, with signs on our right declaring "No trespassing, deadly force authorized beyond this point". It was about this point that Daniel suggested, "Now might be a good time for a sprint interval..."

The second half of the run was beautiful and more obstacle free, with tired legs becoming the limiting factor. The last mile we ran through the the section of San Clemente Canyon that has become an outdoor alternative bordello of sorts, where high powered San Diego businessmen take nature walks to meet willing strangers in the woods. Daniel and his father have caused a few embarrassments during rides and runs.
We made lots of noise (as if we were alerting bears) so that if there were any illicit encounters going on nearby, they were able to stay hidden.

It was a good chance to test out the new Ibex seamless base layers, and they performed wonderfully. We also tested out natural food chef Laura Mile's new Super Goo, and wished we'd taken more. Now we've a week to dial in the kayaking system, bike systems, and food systems.

Our quads are sore, and we're all are powering down as much food as possible, with the aims of gaining 10 lbs by the start of the race. Love the fact that there are times in this "profession" that require me to eat a lot.

Bring it on.

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