Thursday, September 10, 2009

Backhoe Rodeo- Backhoe Up!

Chelsey here-
For the past 10 days Jason and I have had the awesome pleasure of coming up to Ak (thanks Mom for being in the Airlines Industry) to visit my family, eat amazing salmon dinners and sourdough pancakes and play in the great Alaskan wilderness. We have also had the opportunity to watch a competition that is way out of the Yogaslackers realm but is of equal stature here among the Alaska construction workers. Every Labor Day for the past 13 or so years my Dad, Mike Gribbon has been entering the Backhoe Rodeo at the Alaska State Fair. And every year he is among the top 6 competitors. Rather than go on and tell you how fast, graceful and calm he is in handling such a giant piece of machinery, I will let you see for yourself. This is just one of his many talents...if you ever want any job done, he is the man to call.

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