Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Walk the Line

Chelsey Here:

Well, we are on the road again (and no, not on our bikes unfortunately). Jason and I recently taught at the Flagstaff Yoga Festival after an all night drive from Las Vegas. And no, we were not gambling late into the night with our life savings and getting high off of all the fluorescent sparkly lights. We had just flown in from New York after teaching a week long Yogaslackers Adventure Camp at Kripalu. Our car was in Las Vegas (as it was way cheaper to fly into Vegas) so we were stuck to drive all night until we reached Flagstaff! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly at the festival and ended it with a bang by going out to sushi with one of our lovely sponsors A. Karno who owns Java Juice. We had been fueling our night drives with what we call our "power smoothies" which is chocolate ice-cream, milk and java juice all blended together. Have one of these- and you can go for 6 hours! After an awesome dinner, we passed out and woke up the next day to swap out winter gear (finally) for some new gear that we will need for the next few months. Luckily we have a few places through out the country to store our gear so we don't have to carry EVERYTHING with us. It is a good trick we have learned after living on the road for so many years!

On our journey up to North Dakota, (where Jason's family lives) we made some much needed stops. We stopped in Taos, New Mexico for two full days of climbing and sleeping. We stopped in Denver for some of Becky's (owner of Beckons Organics) amazing pumpkin and Java Juice scones. We then stopped in the middle of Nebraska for some MUCH needed slackline time. We both managed to walk the 100 ft line in style. Walking a long slackline is a completely different experience. It is like learning how to walk the line all over again! It challenges you both mentally and physically. That day we drove 20 hours until we reached Vergas, a tiny town in Minnesota. At 7:30 in the morning we were greeted by Jason's brother Andy, his wife Tammy and there two very excited boys- A wild four year old and a shy one year old Luckily, they let us sleep a few hours before going out on one of Minnesota's many beautiful lakes. The next morning we woke at 5:30am in order to make it to the Run for the Melon Race down in Vining Minnesota. My aunt and uncle put on a great race for the celebration of Watermelon Days. Apparently the festival has been going on for 37 years! There was quite a turn out for such a little town. 200 people raced. Jason and I entered the 10k. For not running for a few months, we did pretty well! Both of us got 2nd in our age group. I got 3rd over all with a time of 48.34. After the race we headed over to the church for a good old Minnesota breakfast! Eggs, a short stack of buttermilk pancakes, lefse and a mug of coffee- the perfect recovery meal. Jason and I played acro in the park to a local polka band while my grandparents watched us with befuddlement. We are now in Grand Forks visiting Jason's Parents and brother. These next few weeks is dedicated to spending time with the family. After playing with the nephews and answering questions about where our life is headed, we will be heading up to Alaska to visit my family where we will be embarking on many Alaskan Wilderness adventures!!!

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