Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yogaslackers at Banff Mtn. Film Festival

Paige here.....Finally getting a chance to actually start blogging this blog. I've been meaning too, but well you know, the whole slacker thing is actually kinda true!

Just returned to Santa Cruz from the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Banff Canada. Those Canadians sure know how to put on a festival. It was the most organized and well run festival I've ever been to. Amazing really. We saw about a thousand films in 3 days, more films really than I would watch in 3 years and they were all quite wonderful really. I taught an AcroYoga class for the attendees at the lunch break and two slackline yoga classes on Sat and Sun. It was a lot of fun and the participants were all really awesome. I knew they'd be great, that's why I had the idea to go there and teach. I must say though that it wasn't the same without Adi, Sam, Jason and Paul. I guess that's why we're a team. I'm so used to doing these things with rest of the team it felt so mellow not to have all the crazy energy of the rest of the crazy's around. I was filmed for Planet X Television which I don't even really know what that is because I don't watch television. That was kinda fun and a little nerve wracking because they wanted me to talk about the spirituality of slackline yoga and stuff like that and honestly I do it cuz it's hard, fun and silly. I guess I just never really thought about the spirituality of it so maybe that's why they asked the question, to get me to think about the answer. My assistant on the trip was my friend Aloke. Aspiring AcroYogi and good friend, he was reading a book on the trip about a guy who spent some time trying to write something true. I started to try and do it in my head and it's pretty hard. Everything I started to say was true had a question. Even, "the sun shines every day" can be questioned. What is the sun? What does it mean to shine? What is a day? Why is it a day? OMG, I could go crazy trying to do this.

Anyway, moral of the story is, the Banff Mountain Film Festival Rocks. See it when it comes to your town. My favorite movie was "Red Gold". Buy the video. It's worth it. Thanks a million to Deb Smythe and the whole crew at the Sally Borden Center and the Banff Festival. Next year I hope to take the whole team with me and maybe some of you out there as well!

I'm totally stoked to be back home, loving living in Santa Cruz. Come check out the ongoing slackline yoga class at Pacific Edge Climbing Gym and our ongoing AcroYoga classes at Pacific Edge and One Yoga. More info on my website at

Peace, love and lots of laughs!

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  1. Pretty cool blog. Do you know about these yoga books?