Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some days are not meant to be work days. (most days, actually!) Today, I got a call from Teresa, a local acroyogi, inviting me and friends to a "pump" pool out in the desert. What is a pump pool? I had to ask too!

Pumps are used to pull up water from the water table, it comes up into a mini resevoir before it flows out to the aquaducts and into the fields....apparently the water is REALLY clean and you can drink it. It didn't taste too bad and I am not sick yet...

So we played at the aquaducts, and in the pools, feeling a bit surreal in the crazy desert landscape.

Then, not wanting to return to real life, we traveled further into the desert to a deserted (no pun intended) smelting factory and explored the ruins - acro style.

Thanks to Teresa for a fantastic day!

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