Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peace Car Gets Hitched Flowers and all

The Old Method in which we did manage to fit 4 bikes 4 boats(Pack Rafts) and 4 slackers!!!

We have been searching for a way to effectively move across this amazing planet and still be able to have all our toys. All the while keeping a low carbon footprint, and what does the the PLC (Peace, Love car) do it goes off and gets "hitched" brilliant. (Jason has been lobbing for this marriage for years). I got these flowers recycled from a recent High School graduation ceremony to help with the atmosphere of this beautiful union. Now we may get bad mileage well on the interstate , but we will have everything we need. So we can un-hitch, lock the trailer up and head out on day or week trips. Makes living out of your car easier too. You are not stuck driving your home around when you don't need to0.

The PLC's significant other...

Monster Garage Slacker Style

Kelly also saved the PLC after Andy had an unfortunate run in with a large four legged woodland creature. Which resulted in this temporary fix.

The police in New York were not impressed with out creative ingenuity.
Keep checking the PLC Tag for more stories of the Peace Love car not to be confused with the piece car... 242,435 miles and counting.

All travel for team Yoga Slackers is offset by 3 Degrees Inc

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